What is the best/worst kingdom?


well we had a “best legendary” thread so how about a best/worst kingdom one? think of type synergy,color avaiable to the kingdom and type of bonus when accounting to it


I think the consensus might come down to Karakoth/Darkstone for the magic bonuses.


the question wasn’t “which kingdom bonus are better” the question was “which kingdom has the best unit” and “which kingdom has the unit that synergize the better between them in order to get their kingdom/racial bonus?”


My apologies for misreading your question.


In that case, Forest of Thorns would be best; Adana would be worst.


I would think, given the current Meta Zaejin (Goblin) has to be the strongest by far?


The problem is that most of Zaejin are marauders that get hard countered by Gob-Chomper. Forest of Thorns is mostly Fey with no hard counter that is commonly used. Elwyn is very weak and Elf Eater is only a partial counter.

Forest of Thorns has true damage whereas Zaejin doesn’t. Forest of Thorns has 2 great lead troops both with stoneskin, whereas Zaejin has no good lead. Even Zaejin’s troop with the leader trait is a bad lead troop.

Zaejin is also getting nerfed hard with freeze soon, which has little effect on the effectiveness of Forest of Thorns.


While all you have stated is true, I don’t see many, if any Forest (Fey) teams in the current high level meta.
Conversely, Zaejin (Goblin)
teams are plentiful even with the current counters.
But vey much agreed that it will change with the coming of the new frozen ability/trait.


The main reason is Forest of Thorns needs Gloom Leaf, a legend that hasn’t had its arcane in an event pack yet, fully traited; whereas with Zaejin, it is only 1 common, 1 rare, and 2 ultra rares, 3 of which had their arcane in event allowing low levels too to have the build.

I already have my annoying defend team saved for the next patch:
Gloom Leaf
Ice Witch


I already have my annoying defend team saved for the next patch:
Gloom Leaf
Ice Witch

This is just evil.:wink:


I hate to tell you this, but my home kingdom is Adana, and I routinely eat level 1000s for breakfast. In my team the R/Y mana bonus is worth more than the kingdom team stat bonus.


@Shimrra did an extensive analysis of single kingdom teams here: