Home kingdom decision


So I just spent a little over an hour reading all the threads on home kingdom choices. But I still have a couple questions.

When I started the game I chose Adana because of the fairly even spread of gold/glory/souls. I was also using a different team build. I have since adopted a goblin team for my invades and have repeatedly changed my defending team looking for the best combo.

Questions :

  1. Is the setting of the home kingdom affecting the invading team of goblins I use or the defending team I set?

  2. Should I have my home kingdom set to Zaejin since I am using a goblin team or go with Karakoth because of the magic bonus?

I know this topic has been thoroughly discussed and a lot of work has gone into the guides that are there but could anyone clear up my confusions?


As far as I can tell (anyone correct me if I’m wrong) the only thing your home kingdom currently affects is which tribute you want twice of. Well… That and which trait stones you want to get when you do revenges. A kingdom’s bonus stat is always applied after it gets to level 10 regardless of whether or not it’s your home kingdom.



  1. No. As of the most recent patch, the home kingdom only affects the tribute from that kingdom by doubling it whenever it happens to come up, and the type of traitstones you get from defend battles, like Sixtywatt said.
  2. No. The Karakoth magic bonus applies all the time, in every kingdom, once you’ve unlocked it. The only thing that should change with each team you use is the banner you assign to each. This, confusingly, is also associated with a kingdom, but only the color of the banners matter, not what kingdom it is labeled with. This is a holdover from previous versions of the game.

Hope that helps!


So if I understand the only thing that determines which kingdom I set as my home kingdom is which balance of gold/gems/souls I want? Regardless of what team I use?


Re-reading the post from @Mitheithel and @Sixtywatt have the answers in them. Thanks for the information.

Confusion cleared. :smile:


That is correct.


Home kingdom also helps effect traitstones some, for all your defends will be at that home kingdom. I would say pick any of the 3 kingdoms that only give one resource, these being Khaziel for gold, Khetar for souls, and Whitehelm for glory. Khaziel would drop only brown traitstones, Khetar blue and purple, and Whitehelm yellow only.