Home Kingdoms...worthless?


Kingdom Levels used to be what determined your team bonus when you were being invaded, and also when invading, in kingdoms you had leveled.

Now with the bonuses being global per se, it feels like there is no point in home kingdoms. I used to enjoy finding an opponent that had a home kingdom that I knew I had maxxed so that I knew I had an edge when fighting there. I think that home kingdoms should give some other kind of little bonus (nothing major, maybe just a couple health/attacks whatever) so you can still get that thrill.

The other with kingdom leveling now, many people have their kingdoms at 10, which gives a powerful advantage when being invaded that might be tough for mid-low level people to overcome.

What are your thoughts?


You’re right that there’s room in the game design to do more with home Kingdoms after 1.0.7. Right now it’s just a way to pick one to double the tribute.

I expect they’re well aware of this and will come up with something cool. Maybe related to the collections tab that’s greyed out for now.



In some ways this game is only half finished… And the work in progress half we get to play is already amazing :smile:


Could leave home kingdom to determine mana bonus while in arena, right now I have no mana bonus in arena.


@Tard_Carnival mentioned in another thread regarding this issue.
He said, “Why not make hero count as whichever kingdom is set as home?”

This would be able to include the Hero into the existing Team Bonuses System for Kingdom Background.

Source Thread: Player Race as Team Bonus?


This is a great idea!