Home Kingdom: Does It Matter?

So, atm , I have Karakoth set as my Home becuase it is lvl 10 and has a gold star.
I have not really seen a reason to worry about what my home kingdom is.
Is there a Kingdom that you would recommend as the “best” home kingdom?

Or, once 2.0 PvP hits will ppl be making sure that their home kingdom is providing the best mana bonus (banner) for their defense teams?

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You get double tribute rewards from your home kingdom.

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Revenge battles are at your home kingdom


Khaziel is great for gold and Whitehelm great for glory


This and the fact that if you’re farming a particular traitstone, setting your home kingdom to the one that drops the traitstone will allow you to farm that traitstone everytime you’re defending.


That is correct.

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Khetar is good for extra souls.

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@Brakkish, I know, that’s why I chose one at lvl 10 with a gold star.

@Koolbird, forgot about revenge battles, cause I don’t do them that often, so setting home kingdom to the banner that benefits my primary invade team, could be worthwhile and thanks for the tip about Khaziel and Whitehelm, since Im gold farming atm… might be making the change to khaziel…

@sarcasmjew That assumes that you are WINNING some of those defense battles… or do you receive a traitstone even in defeat?

I believe you need to win the battle. Someone please confirm this. Thank You :slight_smile:

I ran 3 challenges on Warlord IV and lost. No traitstone. I can only assume it is the same for revenge battles

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Allow me to clarify, I know that you only WIN a traitstone when you win a battle, pvp, challenge, revenge.

The question was about DEFENSE specifically, since people have said those traitstones appear in your inventory despite never actually being displayed as a “reward”.

So, in DEFENSE when you click on it and it shows how many victories and defeats and then the small window at the bottom of the screen pops up to show what you earned, can you be earning invisible stones for both Victories AND Defeats, or just the victories?

I hope that sheds some clarity…

Even if this thread has derailed… already… it’s an interesting question… :wink:

Considering this is about a home kingdom and its trait stones, this is very topical.

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@killerman3333 Thanks for the vindication! Thread is still on topic! :grin:

Good question. Right now, no. Only gold, souls, glory, gems, and gold keys. Only on wins do you receive traitstones.

To clarify:
Defense battles, which are not fought by you but by your opponent, do not grant you traitstones, win or lose.
Losing a defense battle opens up the possibility for a revenge battle.
This Revenge battle works the same as every other battle (challenge, quest, arena, invade) in that it rewards you a traitstone if you win, but not if you lose.

Also note that the chance to get a traitstone at all on a win is only 100% if you play on Warlord IV. When playing on normal it is something like 80% (still high).


Also note that home kingdom has nothing to do with your banner’s colors.
It has only two usages at the moment:

  • Revenge battles are there so will reward traitstones from that color combination.
  • If that kingdom tributes, the reward is doubled.

three starred Whitehelm Rank10 preferably provides an excellent source of Glory, which could be considered the best resource in the game. Getting 40glory tributes is great!

That’s funny, because I wake up every morning with more Traitstones than the night before, even Arcanes.

You get 2x Tribute from whatever Kingdom you have set as your Home Kingdom, when it gives Tribute.

If you are targeting a specific Resource, these Kingdoms offer the most;

Gold - Khaziel
Glory - Whitehelm
Souls - Khetar

Revenge battles are fought in your Home Kingdom, allowing free opportunities for desired Traitstones while completing Revenges.

I believe Revenge Wins can net you Traitstones. The developers can settle this.
@Sirrian @Nimhain @Mr.Strange @Nex

Some revenge battles can get you traitstones. On console the type of stones you win is random - not affected by your home kingdom selection.