Forest Fairies (Fey/Forest of Thorns team)


It’s virtually impossible to build a team with A) Maximum kingdom bonus; B) Maximum troop type bonus; and C) Total mana color coverage. But this one does: Gloomleaf/Dryad/Treant/Green Seer.

The only color “missing” is brown, which is actually pretty nice because if you let a bunch of it fill the board before using the Treant’s spell, he gets a MAJOR boost (which is already quite high due to the +2 magic for 4 Fey troops) and likely gets an extra turn out of the deal. It’s not necessarily the most efficient team, because you rely completely on skull matches to do damage, but between entangling the enemy with the Green Seer, buffing your own troops with everyone else, and creating all kinds of green gems to power the heavy hitters (Gloomleaf and Treant), it’s a tough team to kill when played right. Not to mention your total bonuses are pretty spiffy: +3 life, +3 armor, +2 attack, +2 magic.

Probably what I like least about this setup is the fact that it’s impossible to come up with a really good order for the troops. Because Dryad and Green Seer focus on green mana creation, Gloomleaf or Treant (whichever is later) relies mainly on its alternate color until the first one dies. You want Gloomleaf up front because he already has massive attack and his skill wrecks the enemy team, but this means the Treant has to compete for blue with the Dryad. And then Green Seer is competing for yellow with Dryad depending on which you put first. IMO there’s no really efficient way to arrange it, but I still love the team. I just fought a Goblin team with a Goblin King. Due to the scarcity of skulls, I had a hard time killing the Goblin King even though he was second in line because he kept respawning Goblins. Even though he finally took out Gloomleaf, though, I didn’t lose another troop thanks to Dryad (in #2 position) healing herself, and even if she had been knocked out my Treant had racked up over 40 attack and armor.

So like I said, not the most efficient team, but I like it. Critiques/suggestions?


It’s a good team, try rotating tree for Orion, and you’ll still get +2 magic for fay while adding another source of damage to your team besides scull damage. Also there are many other kingdoms that have great fusions of all 4 like Khethar, Groshnak, Zaejin etc. So not too hard to make a good use of bonuses once you decide what you want.


Oh sure, you can get kingdom+troop bonuses, but usually you have to sacrifice mana color variety. Groshnak is a good exception to that rule, and I plan on doing something with that once I get around to leveling enough of the troops. :stuck_out_tongue:

Switching out Treant for Orion is a pretty good idea. I just keep forgetting Orion is Fey lol. Main downside is the decreased variety (no way to use brown gems), but 5 out of 6 is still pretty good. Might have to try that.


Khethar is also 5 out of 6 colors, and you have keeper of souls to transform that last color to skulls :wink:


True, but I’m still lacking the Keeper of Souls :weary: And actually Groshnak doesn’t allow for all three items I listed above; to get total mana coverage you need the Elf Eater, who’s a giant rather than a marauder. Still, pretty close, and it’s probably worth losing blue mana to get +8 attack from marauder and Groshnak bonsues. :smiley:


Wow, I decided to run this team as my defense team, and I woke up this morning to an awesome surprise: 5 straight wins and no losses. Either this team is redonk effective as a defense setup, or I had a huge lucky streak!