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Guild War - Color Team Builds

I found a thread addressing this but after 4 posts it didn’t go anywhere.

I know top level guilds do their builds and are pretty hush hush about it, but maybe for people outside of that realm we can start an official thread for single mana color Guild Wars team builds. I guess I should start first. I’m on PC/Mobile, Lvl. 247.

Blue Team:
Treant ***
Dryad **
Emperor Korvash **
Krystenax *

treant gives himself 10 attack and 10 armor, and removes brown gems. first stop because if fully traited, reduces skull dmg by 50%. Dryad gives 5 life, restores 15, and barriers them, also creating green gems. yes, this is a blue team, but treant and krys both use green gems. emperor korvash is pretty self explanatory, doing dmg and purging all mana from first two enemy troops. Krys does dmg to the whole team and can summon a replacement troop should you lose one.

My main strategy is to beef up treant with his and dryads ability and just skull dmg people to death, while korvash can try to keep the first two enemy troops from casting. while krys in the back damages the whole enemy team, and can summon troops should treant die somehow. and dryad can then go to work beefing that guy up to protect your back line.

Does Khorvash actually get any mana here?


Not sure which other thread you’re referring to, but Mono Color Team Help has a bunch of posts (including my blue team). As for top guilds being hush hush, I’m in bracket 1 and initially felt that way, but at this point I’ve come to realize there isn’t a lot of “secrecy” necessary. A useful team is only a small part of the equation, and executing properly with that team as well as getting a bit of RnG luck (or not getting bad luck) are almost more important.

So with that said, for purple I like using Carnex/Aby/Psion/Ele (Lion banner). Strategy is basically to get Psion filled and then save it for when necessary (just before they can cast), spam Carnex casts for damage and to fill the other troops, use Ele’s trait to drop their attack so skull baiting is no-risk, and cast Ele when available for damage. Against more dangerous opponents or when a troop looks at risk, save Aby for the summon, otherwise use it as a second mana generator.


I’m trying that combo out for now… just wanted to get a thread started as well. I’m still fairly new at knowing which cards do what, so I have to pick through a ton to see what they do, so its very much in the making… and hence me starting this thread. :slight_smile: I hope people contrubute

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dang, I don’t have abynissia or elemaugrim :O(

Before I got those mythics, I was running Carnex/CryptKeeper(Mechanist class)/Dracos/Psion (Unicorn banner). A bit slower, but very reliable.

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giving this a go right now…

anyone have ideas for other colors? red, yellow, brown, green?

i’ll compile them once we get some more responses

it is slow, but I can see with all the mana drains and Carnex blowing things up, it would be effective. Im gonna roll with it this week, see what happens

Trying to find some decent teams to build but a lot of resources aren’t too helpful as they obviously cant tell what troops each person has.

Looking for any advice for teams I could build around the legendaries I own so far

Widow Queen
King Bloodhammer
Queen Titania
Divine Ishbaala
Krystenax (Mythic & fully traited)
Crimson Bat

Any advice would be much appreciated.