What is the best strategy for the achievement "I would go 20.000 miles"?

I feel like the only realistic way is SAM…

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Is this a jetpack joyride reference

I have no idea, what that is, but whatever. Half of the achievements are some inside gags, that only the team understands.

What is more important, it is an achievement for reaching a certain amount of points in an event, that takes place about once a year, with the point amount roughly ten times of what can be achieved in a regular gameplay. Someone calculated the amount of gems, that would be necessary to spend… I think, it was somewhere in the 5-digit range.

I personally think the achievement name is a reference to:

As for how to obtain the achievement legitimately, you’ll have to wait until another Journey event comes around. Unfortunately, we don’t know when that will be. I was lucky enough to focus on it during the one Journey we had with Nexus.

From experience, I would also recommend saving up your gems for such an event, because you’ll need a lot of event tokens to do it.

The spoilers over at Taransworld suggests that we’re getting a Journey event in a few weeks: one of the Darkstone troops for Week 6 has the Pathfinder trait.

But, yeah, it’s probably a good idea to save up Gems for the event if you want to knock the trophy out. A bunch of my guildmates (plus myself) did this trophy during the previous Journey event, and it took multiple Tier VII purchases to accumulate the necessary mileage.

We have no idea if mileage from the previous Journey is going to carry over as far as the trophy is concerned, so it’s probably safer to assume that it won’t and to plan accordingly. And if it does carry over, that’s a nice thing.

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And that’s assuming, that you win all fights. It’s not like those get easy over time, with restricted team build and one spot taken by an event troop.
I hate this game so much.


It’s actually from Ghulvania:

It probably won’t carry over. Whenever the community manager team avoids answering repeated game related questions it’s usually because they know the answer would not be received well.

I wonder, if this is better or worse than all the times, they lied about features to avoid the negative reaction.

…this further evidencing their extensively documented inability to ‘manage’.
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You mean something like this?

Ahoy Community,

The 20.000 miles currently requires that number to be reached within a single Journey. We’ve brought this up with the team, they agree that the achievement should really be obtainable without a major gems investment, especially since you are receiving much less miles per fight than originally announced. Starting with the next Journey, miles will be tracked across multiple events.

It’s really a low hanging fruit, I wonder what’s preventing this approach. Maybe they are not in a position to properly interact with the devs, even for trivial changes like this one.