I Would Walk 20,000 Miles Achievement

This has been asked by numerous people in other threads (including myself) and I have yet to see an answer anywhere.

Does the 20,000 miles need to be done in a “single” Journey event or not?

The achievement description is vague enough that it would seem that it does. But other event related achievements actually have this word “single” in the description. This just says “A” Journey event.

Is this cumulative across all Journey events or not? Cause if not then this is gem sink (and a cash grab, in trying to make players buy gems to get this) to obtain this since you need a minimum (per the leaderboards) was 164 battles, while most are over 200.


Good luck getting a reply from the devs on this.

You have as much chance of them replying as that player who asked a week in advance if AW was going to be in event chests.


20,000 non-replies from 505. Working as intended.


I know. I figured it was a long shot. Unless its something that affects how much money is being spent in the store the Devs don’t care.

And by being vague on this, it probably increased the amount of people who spent money on gems in an attempt to complete the 20K.

If you are gem rich I would knock it out. If you short I would not do it.

The game would have to keep track of the progress within the player profile. It currently only seems to be storing the amount of each heroic gem destroyed. Unless the information is located somewhere else the achievement has to be obtained during a single Journey.

I pray for the sake of the overall pool of players that this is a cumulative achievement/trophy over multiple Journey events. (Assuming we have more Journey events.) Because the cost and effort to do 20k+ in a single Journey event is massive and may be beyond a great number of those players if they don’t prepare for this far enough in advance to have that cost ready to go.

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I would imagine it would only become more difficult in the next few Journey events if they don’t change the rules.
My guess is that the requirement would be red, blue and brown elemental troops with the corresponding colored weapons, so you won’t have EoE and TWQ which really helped a lot to beat difficult enemies at higher levels without medals.

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It will be a different color and different tribe each time, the next one might be something like red orcs.

That’s probably even worse than red elementals…
I thought week 6 and 8 of this campaign would still be Nexus so it’s still journey instead of World Event. But I think I was wrong, hawthorn wouldn’t fit in the color anyway.

I think it’s supposed to be “a single Journey”. Otherwise they could’ve just written “Earn 20000 miles in Journey events”. Would love to be wrong, though.

I only managed to make it to 10000 before getting too bored to continue. Gems & time investment is way too much for me, especially when fighting super high-level enemies without the benefit of Zuul’goth or Irongut. Plus, one team member has to be the useless pathfinder. To make it worse, the score calculation was bugged, resulting in slightly fewer miles than intended at the end of battle.

I think I’ll just give up on getting 100% trophies for this game.


Yeah, the next two Nexus weeks could be a continuation of this journey with same requirements. But it’s hard to imagine that we have to fight even higher level enemies.

Journey is an event that lasts a week, similar to Tower of Doom (and Boss Raid/Invasion until they got moved to weekends). Data files currently contain four more Journeys (release data unknown), for Khetar (Undead), Maugrim Woods (Wargare), Grosh-Nak (Orc) and Bright Forest (Fey).

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Steam did not reset the miles counter:


Wouldn’t this mean that the miles gained in the next Journey will be added to the total we already have?

Not necessarily. I can’t think of them off the top of my head but as an achievement hunter I’ve come across counters that reset in the game but not on Steam.

Yea, I don’t blame you at all for that. I only did a few battles at the start of the week and left it, thinking I might just not try. Wasn’t too sure of the team (EoE/TWQ) and then I looked at the ladder and saw people having to do 200 battles.

But I had a migraine yesterday so couldn’t do anything else. I’m also thinking the achievement is for a single journey and we don’t know when the next one is. I already bought in for T6 and saw people say it would only take 2 T7’s so gave it a shot. Took about 5 hours or so and I think 192 battles? What an unfair achievement for regular players.

But, like Factions and Classes, once it’s done; it’s done.

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There are a lot of achievements on XBox, where the actual tracker will go up to like it did with this event, but if you don’t complete it, the game resets your progress, while that tracker stays where it us until you get back up there and then surpass where it was.

Gems of War has a few like that, though you may not notice it unless you do it on purpose. Like the Siegebreaker achievement for defeating 50 towers in a single Invasion event. If you don’t have it unlocked, you do play the event and just stop when you get to 40 or so and then let the event end. Your achievement tracker will still say 40, but when you go to do the event again, you tracker won’t budge until you defeat #41. So you may think it’s glitched if you weren’t aware the ingame tracker resets, but the achievement tracker doesn’t.

I decided to spend gems since I had already spent 1200-1300 just to buy the first 6 tiers and get Hawthorn to Mythic. I had to buy Tier 7 twice, so total about spent was about 2300 gems. It was such a waste of gems and now I barely have any left as I don’t spend money on the game, so this was all gems I had saved up. Which means for the next few weeks I won’t be buying any tiers in the guild events to help the guild get the rewards as I don’t have the gems to do so.

Unfortunately, I don’t have TWQ, so I had to go with a EoE and 2x Gobtruffle team for a constant loop and while EoE debuffed them. After around level 150 battles I was always getting the maximum miles penalty as the Gobtruffle takes so long to wear them enemies down when the deathmark from EoE doesn’t activate.

It took me 196 battles to barely pass 20K, I was at 20,025. Battles were in the high 800s, where and the final one I did at least 2 of the enemy troops had both 1000 armor and HP, along with having a high enough attack and magic that they could essentially 1 shot any troop on my team. If it wasn’t for EoE’s lycanthropy or changing the enemy into a frog which basically halved those numbers, i’d have probably lost a lot more battles than I did and would have had to have spent another 500 gems on Tier 7 again.

Like a number of my guildmates, we decided to spend the gems and knock this out now for fear that the next event it just wouldn’t be possible with a weapon similar to EoE especially since it will be gem locked to color again (maybe Trick or Treat would work). And like you said, we knock this out now and it’s done and over with.

I have to say, this event and the way they’ve done the Kingdom Pass with the dumb battlecrasher, has gotten me to the point where I don’t want to play this game anymore. The all the fun has been sucked out of it and it’s nothing but a mindless grind that is starting to feel a lot like it’s Pay to Win.

This game is feels so cluttered now with all the icons/tabs, events, and extra crap on the boards with all of these dumb special gems. Its nothing like it once was when I first started playing, and I feel that this game started going wrong with TU 16 (4.6) when medals got introduced, and then went straight down the toilet with the TU 23 (5.3) when it introduced war coins.

This game has embraced everything wrong with freemium games and tossed everything else to the side to try and get as much money out of what’s left of its player base as it can.


Yes, I’m 100% there with you. I’ve quit a lot of games because they get too complicated like this is getting… or didn’t even start playing in some cases, after watching Let’s Plays.

The only thing keeping me here is because the community has external ladders and I want to compete (although looking at them now is raising some questions… I feel old data has been removed maybe, and the Factions one clearly has bad data). Oh, and of course the achievements for hunting ladders.

I do enjoy a simple match3, where I can play it while watching Youtube videos or on a trip but the time demand has definitely been increasing everytime they release one of these updates. They must think they are making WoW, one step at a time.

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The game in short has got beyond recommending to anyone. We want to play a game called Gems of War, not what its been turned into: GEMS OF GRIND.

It would be great if the devs actually answered this topic. @Kafka do you have any input or information regarding this? We just want to know if this is achieavable by players or if it’s intended as a paywall trophy.

it’s time to up this topic. sooooo, dear @Kafka , @Jeto or other officials?