Journey Strategy

What is the best strategy to go far in the journey?
My goal is to grab the achievement linked to journey of course.

I have Seekra Darkwood in my team of course. (With Duskbringer, Arachnean Weaver and Dokkalfar)

But my question is more like in the fight selection
For example, I am currently at Level 15 and I have the following choice:

  • Level 15 25 miles + Soul
  • Level 17 30 miles
  • Level 25 75 miles.

Should I grab the level 15 to keep opponent as low level as I can or the 75 miles and will need less fight, but stronger opponent in the long run.

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Highest miles always - you’re doing endless Seekra loop so it makes no sense to go for anything less.

1xT7 is enough for achievement with this strategy, if you don’t mess up in the middle.


My strategy in the last 2 was “highest miles always, except always take the battles with stats boosts”; helped a bit towards the end when the battles got tough. Probably just grabbing the (very rare) magic boosts would be enough.