What is the benefit of having higher difficulty in quests?


As the subject says. One only get a little gold by doing those quests, but I was just wondering if one get more for playing it on Warlord 5 f.example, than a little more gold.

Cheers, super eika!


Well, warlord 5 doesn’t exist but…
Yeah, you get some extra gold (few) and souls (if you can afford to play Valkyrie in your deck, it can be worth the effort). You also have “slightly” better chances to drop better traistones (“slightly” being a word I borrowed from the GoW staff, no actual numbers given yet)


Thanks for the reply!!!

Who do you use Valkyrie with, and how much souls can u gain with her through a good game?


I use
Green Slime
Keeper Of Souls
(purple / yellow banner)

I use 3 or 4 time Valkyrie’s spell per battle, if you have the necromancer traits, you’ll drop more.
Depending on what armor your hero is wearing or what difficulty you are using, you’ll drop more too.

With celestial banner and warlord 2 difficulty, I get around 90 souls per battle on average.