Valkyrie +50% question

ok so ive been using valkyrie to gather upto 80 souls per challenge, on normal difficulty.
if i unlock her trait , which = 50% more souls at battle end,
will the 80 soul cap increase to 120, under normal difficulty,
or is 80 the cap no matter what on NORMAL difficulty

The # of souls you can earn IN BATTLE is capped at 40, with or without traits. What you get from that will be multiplied by armor bonus if any, and difficulty bonus if any. The total multiplier for souls will be shown in the map screen HUD next to your hero icon. If you’re getting max 80 souls on normal difficulty, you must be wearing the Celestial armor. Adding Valkyrie’s trait won’t increase the max, but it will make it easier to reach the max each battle.

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The Trait’s text lies, it’s just +50% Souls each time you cast Valhalla. The cap does not change.

It works on all souls gathered.

The +50% contributes to the cap of 40 for all souls. If Valkyrie casts for 20 souls, and you kill all 4 for 4 souls, the +50% would give 36 + other bonuses.

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Everything within a match is restricted to just effect the match. They are divided into:
((105 gold cap, 40 soul cap, +50% souls, +25% gold) + (PvP gold for win)) + (Difficulty bonus, Armor bonus, VIP bonus, event bonus)

I forget if the 25% more gold not effecting PvP reward is a glitch or not, but it is currently separate from the in match +25% trait.

Given how the other traits work, I would expect that this is working as intended (i.e. definitely not intended to impact PvP gold).

It always just seemed odd to me that they have 25% for a 105 cap, yet have 50% for a 40 cap. It always seemed like that 25% should have an effect on the overall total due to how low the percent is in comparison.


Maybe it’s because you usually get a single Soul for a kill and you get Gold for every 4 and 5 match. So you earn way more Gold per “activation” than Souls.

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