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Valkyrie drop rate

Are some rares rated to be less common than others? Also, is Valkyrie still obtainable through gold chests? I’ve seen a lot of guides talk about her, but I’ve opened hundreds of gold chests and never seen her.

All Rares have the same drop-rate in chests.

Valkyrie is in there, but all Rares are more likely in Glory chests than Gold chests.

50 Gold chests only gives you a 9% chance of at least one Valkyrie, but 50 glory chests gives you a 24% chance.

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Wow, thank you for the prompt and helpful reply! While I have you here, I’ve heard before to dump gold into chests until you get valkyrie and then focus on kingdoms from there. I don’t know if that advice is still valid (or ever was), but I got bored and got all my kingdoms to 4th level. Should I start work on valkyrie again or give up that dream?

You will get Valkyrie soon enough don’t worry.

Get a couple troops, especially Valkyrie, from Chests with gold

Then do:

All kingdoms to level 5

Then do All Magic bonus Kingdom to level 10

Be sure to do the Quest from Forest of Thorn and Merlantis

Valkyrie is a good troop, she generates some souls and changes a color you choose to blue.
When converting the right color, she will often earn you extra turns.
You should look for another (offensive) troop that needs blue mana, so Valkyrie can feed it.
Don’t focus too much on her though, lots of new troops have been released and Valkyrie isn’t the only one generating souls or converting color.

Regarding kingdoms, you should work on buying every kingdom, completing all the quest lines and upgrading them in the order you see fit.
Most people choose to level their magic kingdoms to 10 first, attack second and defense & life last.
Once you have every kingdom at level 10, start levelling and traiting your troops to get your kingdom power at 5 stars. Every trait, level or troop you have belonging to a specific kingdom will earn you kingdom power. At 5 stars you’ll get another +1 skill bonus.
Again upgrade your kingdoms in the order you see fit, I would suggest doing the magic kingdoms first though.
Completing the kingdom quest lines will earn you some good troops, the others will come over time from chests.