What difficulty are you mainly playing on?

Just curious. If you also could add how many level 10 kingdoms you have and your main team with all the information it would be great!


Lv10 kingdoms: 5 - 2 magic, 3 attack.
Main difficulty: Normal.
Main team + Levels: 3 skeletons L19, 1 green slime L18.
Traits: Skeletons fully traited, green slime first for extra green unlocked.
Banner: Double purple banner.
Bonuses: None


All of the kingdoms
Main difficulty: Normal
Main Team: Centaur, Skeleton, Ragnagord, Soothslayer. All of them full traited.


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Edited it a little, so we can have more information about the team, check my example.

Lv10 kingdoms: All - finally! As of yesterday! Level 334!
Main difficulty: Normal - fastest way to get gold
Main team:
skeletons L19 - 1 trait
green slime L15 - no traits
Valkyrie L15 - 2 traits
Keeper of souls L15 - 1 trait
Banner: Double purple banner
Bonuses: 2x khetar +2 armor

Why green slime and valkyrie just level 15, Mac?

I’m lazy and just haven’t bothered to level them. I’m also expecting a nerf to this team with 1.09.

It also has been working just fine without the extra levels. So I’m saving my hard to earn souls.

Lv10 kingdoms: 7, all magic and attack, 1 life - Level 165
Main difficulty: Warlord 1
Main team:

Glade Warden L17 - all trait
skeletons L17 - all Trait
Wight L17 - 1 trait
Keeper of souls L19- 1 trait

Banner: Double purple banner
Bonuses: Duke of Bones, Undead Captain = total +2 armor, +2 magic

All Kingdoms: Level 420
Difficulty: Normal
Skeleton L20 T3
Green Slime L18 T1
Valkyrie L19 T3
Keeper of Souls L19 T1
Banner: +2 Purple Mana
Bonus: +2 Armour for 2 x Unique Khetar troops

12/20 kingdoms at 10, about to be 13 - I don’t remember which ones I have, it’s a mix other than the two +magic

Had been on Regular difficulty, recently switched to Hard just because

Primary invade team:

Banner: green/purple
Emperina - no traits, 18
Green Slime - one trait, 18
Keeper of Souls - no traits, 19
Green Seer - no traits, 18
Team bonuses: none

Primary defense team:

Banner: red
Carnex - one trait, 19
Tankbot 2000 - no traits, 19
Flame Cannon - two traits, 19
Hero - Prismatic Orb
Team bonuses: +25 fire mastery (4 red troops), +4 armor and +1 attack (3 Adana troops), +4 armor (3 Constructs)
[Le sigh, if only there were a blue/green Adana Construct, I could take over the world…]

Ah, a nerf to who, Mac?

Skeleton will most likely be nerfed

Why will he, he just recently got nerfed to with one extra mana cost.

That was a preliminary adjustment, I get the feeling further changes are incoming.

It’s mostly just a feeling based on history.

That hardly made any difference at all… my most loved/hated troop is very much overdue a serious re-balancing…

So @eika86 to respond to the actual topic… I only ever play on Normal…

I am level 902, all kingdoms level 10, most troops are mythic and have 2+ traits… I have a few kingdoms on 5 stars, most are on 3 stars… only a few irritating epics, and those blasted Imps, evade me for getting to mythic…

For the last month, as I have needed souls, I have mostly run Skeleton/GreenSlime/Valkyrie/Keeper, all maxed out…

Now that I don’t need so many souls, I will switch around to more varied and more fun teams again…

All kingdoms at level 10
Main difficulty: hard
Main team:
Glade warden L19, fully traited
Valkyrie L19, fully traited
Hero w/ Sheggra’s Heart (L540ish)
Sheggra L19 - no traits
Banner: Double red (Proud Banner)
no bonusses

All kingdoms at 10

Main invade team:
Hydra*** L20
Green Slime* L19
Valkyrie*** L19
Keeper of Souls* L19

Usual defense team:
Gloom Leaf* L20
Treant*** L20
Dryad** L19
Green Sear** L18

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I play on Hard simply b/c it’s more fun without the combo breaker.

I really believe the game isn’t meant to be played on Normal and the only reason it’s there is b/c confirmation bias is strong (i.e., people see the gem cascades they want to see) and the devs don’t want to deal with the “AI cheats!” claims all the time. Personally I think they should’ve called Normal the “Easy” mode and given negative modifiers.

All kingdoms lvl 10
Level: 1000

Centaur Scout: 20
Skeleton: 20
Bone Dragon: 19
Green Slime: 19

I play on warlord 2 for PvP, Normal for arena.

My team depends on the team i am facing. with 10 mana for skeleton, I don’t use him in arena anymore since it takes 4 turns to fill.