What happened to Deeds in the Daily Adventure Board?

We used to get Deed Missions in the Daily Adventure Boards (DAB) on an average of once per week.

Since the last update, there hasn’t been a single Deed Mission in the DAB. Writs Missions have appeared only once.

Did the % chance of Deed Missions appearing in the DAB get adjusted?

Thank you for your time.


Doubt it, just bad RNG.

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Be absolutely clear that ANY resource you need to progress has already and will continue to become less available…unless you can and will spend to change that. Pets are the absolute epitome of this newish strategy. Spend gems or be Kingdom stalled indefinitely. The wrecking of an already wrecked pvp has made this absolute. If you believe this game is F2P you are misguided.

I’m F2P for years and have had zero issue with any of these things. Rng is Rng. We had a stretch of deeds almost daily a few weeks ago. That was good RNG. Now it’s bad RNG. Over time this evens out. As for not being F2P, that is blatantly false. I’m in a very high end guild and many of our players are F2P, including some of our top performers. I’ve been free to play since 2015 on the xbox and have never felt like I couldn’t achieve something. Sure some things gets locked by more time but outside of a few non craftable weapons, I can get everything in the game as easily as a VIP. Gems come at a very steady rate, especially if you login often. You get what you put into gems. Find a good active guild, play a good amount, and you’ll be rewarded without having to pay a cent.

I’ve said this before and I’ll continue to say it. You and players like you should just quit. No one is forcing you to play.


Yay, today we got both Deeds and Writs.

Maybe it was RNG or maybe someone noticed they weren’t dropping like they were supposed to. Either way, thanks!

Credit where credit is due.

So none of your kingdoms are pet stalled?

It’s likely the case if they have been playing for many years. If I recall correctly, there wasn’t a lot of gem sinks before pets, so a lot of players built up quite a stash.

Players that don’t spend money on GoW are more likely to have kingdoms be Mythic soft-locked, depending on when they started. Like 5 of mine are that way because I took 1.5 years off from this game, when they changed the troops to have Ascendancy.

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Fair point…but in the absence of gem plenitude to throw at pets, many in my guild are pet stalled. I’ve never had more than 7k gems in this game and that’s really not enough to do my guild share and progress individually without wallet intervention. The latter will never happen.

None of my kingdoms are pet stalled. In fact, I have 66 mythic pets. Everytime a new/old cosmetic rescue occurs on a Wed/Sat I make sure to mythic it. I’ve been in my guild for a little over a year(switched to mobile Dec 2018) and we get a good amount of pet rescues so I rarely have to worry about being pet stalled. At this point I’m only mythic stalled but I know that will come with time. Once you hit a certain level the kingdoms stars are another thing to collect and you don’t need the skill bonuses to succeed. For example we intentionally don’t complete most ET’s so we can save for a monthly gold dump.

If players are in for the long haul, none of these issues are actual issues. This game can’t be completed, only played. Eventually you can get everything. Some things will literally take years (deeds/pets), and others just require massive amounts of grinding (classes to 100/all troops). Most players don’t want to wait, which I get. But I enjoy the fact that you can’t buy your way to everything quickly. Sure you can spend gems to get classes to 100 on thur events or pure faction with gems, but that still takes time and months of persistence. I love the fact that I have zuulgoth before many of the VIPs who have been playing longer.

@canadademon (2015-2018 on xbox, Dec 2018-current on mobile).

I’m currently sitting on over 9k gems.

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Yes…but you can only mythic it by spending resources as I pointed out. Did you miss that part?

I have not had to do that except for cosmetics and I easily had enough gems to do it. That’s why I mentioned my current stash of 9k gems. All of the other pets are mythic naturally. I didn’t miss anything.

Then you are spending to progress. That’s my point. 9k gems is more than I’ve ever had because I’ve always helped heavily in events. Plus I miss pets cos our guild is multinational and I don’t set alarms on apps etc to wake me if a guildmate pops a rescue. Each to his own.

That’s your choice to be in a guild that can’t carry the weight evenly between players. That isn’t the games fault. You are choosing to spend those gems in events more than you have to. Sure that’s helpful to your guild and I always spend gems on events. I just don’t have to break the bank to do it since we complete most events by Thursday. (Completed Raid last night).

Just because F2P doesn’t work for the way you play and your guild, doesn’t mean this game isn’t F2P. That’s my point. I think everyone should play the way they want and spend how they want.


I have been in several top 10 xbox guilds but still have the issue. Are you saying that none of them pull their weight? I’ve probably been in your guild and carried you lol. Your spending and that’s the difference. Fair enough.

lol dude you have no idea what you are talking about. I didn’t play in top 10 xbox guilds, I was always more casual on the xbox. When I moved to mobile I found a guild where everyone put in more equal work. We set a high req bar to hit and everyone contributes more or less evenly. I put in the weapon tier or higher in all events. When everyone does that in a guild you complete events fast. When you are in a truly good guild, no one needs to carry anyone else.

Just because that is your experience, doesn’t mean that is everyone’s experience.

You’re right. I don’t know anything about mobile guilds but I do know that good guilds are stalled by pet absence because they can’t or won’t justify the expense to do so. All you are doing is giving a “check my cash investment” high five to to the devs while flagging others with less disposable income or the willingness to apply it. I may know nothing but I know when someone is hiding reality. Right dude? Lol. Over and out.

Did I forget to say I’m VIP 0? For reference, since you do zero research into anything and just use your “experience” which I can’t say counts for much in this conversation. The top xbox guild would barely crack the top 15 in production of a mobile guild. Don’t blame other platforms or players for your lack of efficiency and guild choices.