What happened to the Deeds tasks in Adventure Boards?

Can’t remember last time I saw one?

It’s been a while. They seem to come in bunches, such as during “celebratory” weeks of some sort. Either holidays or new version releases.

It seemed to me that the developers were doing well in this area “for a while” earlier this year; we’d get Deed tasks on a semi-regular basis. But in recent weeks, I’ve seen a shift in the Adventure Board that is (in my opinion) much more geared towards newcomers, both in terms of resources and in terms of difficulty of the tasks.

I am not sure what to think. Sometimes it feels like they are just removed from the pool.

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My thoughts exactly. Feels like they’re simply gone. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I don’t think we can get enough “proper” data anymore to determine if they’re in the pool or not. When everybody gets the exact same Adventure Board on a given day, there’s a very limited number of data points from which to work. My impression of what I have seen since that particular change was made is that the Adventure Board skews more towards the non-endgame player, either as a way to keep said player motivated or because of how frequently the Adventure Board appears in the Campaign Tasks.

If the developers would revert the Adventure Board to everybody getting their own, we could probably compile the data to determine if they’re simply gone from the pool. Or if they’re very, very rare, which may as well act as the same thing.

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Well they did say they are randomly general from a pool. But it would be nice if it would still random no repeat and finish the whole cycle like alot of things.

well, there’s the problem.
paper does not survive well in pools.

this was more upsetting to me until i realized they could offer 3 deeds quests every day and it wouldn’t matter.

all my kingdoms are level 15. except 2 that are 16, 17.
the 17 one needs 20 more books to get to 20.
that’s ONE THOUSAND more deeds.

3 deed quests a day, maybe 10 deeds per day, 100 days.
there is literally no point in trying for deeds. you cant grind for them,they are too infrequent to worry about once you hit level 15.

you have a greater chance of getting a mimic chest with a hoard mimic and 15 Nyshas than you do of leveling up even a single kingdom to 20.


Anything I need is now absent from ABs and the vast majority of daily offers. That’s deeds and writs in particular, which it seems, are rarely offered anywhere. Kingdom progression has been nerfed into oblivion which kind of kills the appetite to play beyond satisfying daily and guild objectives. Its now a case of spending gems etc to get the sprinkling of useful offers such as deeds. Another targetted attack on essential resources; gems. Everything is stalling and taking enjoyment with it.

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I have all my kingdoms to 16, 3 kingdoms to 17, and enough writs to get Ghulvania to 18. The problem is if the kingdom isn’t at 18, I am getting kingdom offers instead of Imperials, deeds, or writs. Kingdom offers is 1 key, to unlock a kingdom troop, which doesn’t do anything for my kingdoms. And once Ghulvania gets 2 more troops next month, I will need 4 pets at level 20 and Ghulvania has 3, unless I upgrade a cosmetic pet. THat will give me pet food offers, which I won’t need. And once I get Ghulvania to 18 and max a pet, then my next goal will be to have 14 weapons maxed and Ghulvania will be getting 1, but I will only have 12 weapons, which means I will be getting ingot offers.