Lower rarity deed tasks

Before the release of deeds, the adventure board was a fun little login bonus. Its rewards were pretty meaningless for endgame players; a few gems or keys are nice, but hardly game changing, and the VIP key task basically doesn’t exist.

Post-4.5, the most important endgame feature is locked behind adventure board RNG. When a player first logs in for the day, they check the board and see either deeds or, most commonly, nothing of value. It seems like a questionable design decision to frustrate players immediately on login most days. I understand how probability works, and that there will be hot streaks and dry spells, but people are much better at remembering the disappointments than the lucky days.

One possible solution would be to break up the big deed tasks and provide deeds at lower rarities. This could be designed to give fewer deeds more often, for the same average amount over time. It would “feel better” to players, and would further incentivize logging in daily. Or you could add one random colored deed per day to the top task.

I guess my biggest issue with deeds is that they aren’t really even a feature. There’s no way to obtain them deliberately, and no gameplay associated to them. You just get them for free, and spend them every few weeks(?) when you accumulate enough to max a kingdom. As implemented, deeds are just a way to make stats slowly go up in a way that the player has no real control over.


Its hard not to remember dry seasons when we got deeds once in 2 weeks time :joy:



I like to think of it as GoW’s first real forays into the Idle Clicker genre :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (aside from Tributes, I guess?).

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Adventure Board is not meant to be fun. It’s meant to make you anxious if you don’t log in and play GoW for at least an hour every day. This kind of addiction trigger is in every F2P game because it works. GoW didn’t have it before because the devs openly stated they didn’t want GoW to be “that kind of game”.

I don’t like this at all. The main appeal of GoW used to be “I can skirt by if I only have 20-30 minutes per day”.


Everyone gets the same deeds, they can easily and fairly adjust the amount in the future. Or not.
They may have a set release date for deeds now,.

If that’s all you want to play the game, just set a timer, do what you can in 20 minutes and log out. There are plenty of non active guilds that will accept you. No one is forcing you to play longer, if you don’t want to.

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This is so true. My biggest gripe is the blatant falsehood that completing 34 kingdoms with deeds will take about a full year (as mentioned in the patch notes)… Well, we have about 50 weeks left, I guess time will tell.


To be fair, they said it would take a year using every opportunity available. Going by current Deed tasks that means buying four deeds from Flash Offers for every one deed you get from the Adventure Board.

Also to be fair, it’s not September 2020 yet. Just like with gnomes, this rate isn’t fixed in stone. It can be adjusted upwards. I think it’s more valid to argue “they are being distributed too slowly” than “you LIED it’s been a year and I’m not maxed”.

2 weeks ago one F2P I play had an event where I had to collect 18 rewards in 7 days to get the prize at the end. For whatever reason, the first day everyone got 1 reward. That continued for 4 days. Then 2, then 5, then 7. Everyone was panicked for the first 4 days. “I’M NOT GOING TO GET ENOUGH POINTS!!!” I don’t know why they did it. Maybe it was an avant garde commentary on how F2P is abusive.

GoW could be doing the same thing. Please focus on what we know today and don’t make your battle cry too focused on hypothetical next year. That doesn’t mean “shut up about how they aren’t coming out at a rate that implies a year”, but it does mean “don’t call the devs liars in the places they haven’t lied yet, pick one of the ample other places they’ve been caught lying.”