Reduce rarity of adventure board deed tasks by 1

Despite my usual concerns, that this posting will not reach the ones in control, I’ll give it a try:

At the current state of the game, books of deeds are the single biggest road block for mid-to-endgame players in their progression and will most likely remain this way for quite a while. Without changes in the ways, deeds and books can be aquired, it will take many, many, many years to level up the existing kingdoms, not even to speak of future ones.

One adjustment, that could be made and that will not completely overthrow the game balance, would be to adjust the daily adventure board tasks. Currently tasks for deeds start at purple rarity (4 deeds), followed by gold (6 deeds, one imperial deed) and light blue (8 deeds, 2 imperial deeds).

My suggestion is to bump all of those one section lower (dark blue / purple / gold) and have the light blue one become 10 deeds, 2 imperial deeds, 1 book.

Deeds and books will still remain a reasonably rare ressource, but not the massive pain, they are right now.


You think deeds and books are a massive pain?

Then what about the Orb of Power??? I am on level 1236 now, and if i remember right i only got one orb of power in the whole time. Ok, I can craft it with ressources. But to upgrade kingdoms i need to upgrade troops and pets. so if i do not want to farm hours of hours for example for souls, i have to use other orbs to upgrade my troops. but then i have not enough ressources to craft 1 Orb.

So i wished that the devs would change this rarity of orbs. even now because there are way more orbs that you can gain through the chaos orbs.

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Unlocking Zul Goth (8 orbs of power required) took me about 2 1/2 years. Enraged Kurandara (another 8 orbs) took me about a year from there, as the ways to earn orbs had been improved by that point.
You are still not at the point, where books become nasty. The first big break after getting out of the pet-locks, comes at power level 27. Kingdom level 18 required, so 14 books (plus the 2, you had to spend to upgrade to 24). Per kingdom.
At the current rate, we are talking about much longer. And if we add in the 50 more books to get it to maximum… I’d say 20 or 30 years maybe, if you don’t pay?


That’s quite lucky. Zuul Goth Goth took me 6 years. No Enraged Kurandara yet. :pensive:

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If you wait for the 1% chance for a power orb to drop its going to take forever. Thats not how you get power orbs, especially since there was no 1% to get a power orb to begin with.


It depends of how much you play, I don’t pay and can farm enough to make a book every 2 days, because I also use my jewels and writs to make deeds, so I feel that what limits me is the jewels.

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How do you get 50 deeds every 2 days?

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Farming with 3x Ironhawks in explore 1, Sin of Maraj.

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You will be gem bankrupt very quickly if you count acquiring deeds from merchant purchases.

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If I buy every deed that appear, that’s why I only buy the deeds for a kingdom I want to level, in 39 days, I was able to farm enough to take Zhul’kari from 16 to 20, but I only needed 21 books to reach level 20, and I don’t buy imperials. Before doing it, my reasoning was the same as yours, but I think the tributes and vault events gave gems enough, what I don’t get as fast I spend is the jewels, I think it cost me 30k or more.

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Hey, I am doing the same for Darkstone. That will be the one and only purple kingdom I will be able to level to 20, then I am out of purple books.

The same goes for other kingdoms, I could farm those deeds to level up one other coloured kingdom to 20 and then even a thought of farming another one of the same colour makes my head explode. :joy:

How many kingdoms there were again?

37 and counting. When I did it, it wasn’t having classes so I had free time, in about a month I will have time again and will take Karakoth to 20, it’s level 18 right now and I need 12 books. I think I’ll only farm for power levels after the magic kingdoms, I feel like magic is the only stat that matters that much.

How do you get deeds from e1 in sin of maraj are you referring to merchant/angel? How do you get them to gice you deed offers so often?

I have the ironhawk team

That’s why I said it depends of how much you play. I usually play for around 12 hours, when I have time.

This sounds fine in the abstract, but I see a couple of (not small) problems with this proposal:

  • First, we don’t see the requisite tasks in the quality or quantity you’d appreciate in the first place. We don’t often see Deeds tasks to begin with; tasks of Legendary or Mythic rarity are even less common and getting both to happen in the same Adventure Board task may as well be a nightmare on par with the other “extreme” RNG-related challenges in this game. So even if you put forth this change, I don’t believe you’d see an appreciable improvement in how many Deeds a player has unless they also change the underlying odds for the Adventure Board. Which I suspect isn’t likely to happen because the Board is probably geared as much or more towards the less experienced player and not for the endgamer.

  • Secondly, your proposal for the “new” Deeds task is a massive jump in rewards. You’re going from 8 deeds (plus 2 Imperial) to 60 Deeds (plus 2 Imperial) given the current conversion rate from Deeds to Books. I just don’t see how that gets through the Powers That Be given how stingy they have been with other resources.

Do we need additional sources of Deeds and Books? Absolutely. Is the lack of such a real problem for this game, perhaps the biggest hurdle for endgamers when it comes to kingdom progression? I believe it is, especially for those of us who are F2P. But your proposed solution, while a baby step in the right direction, probably isn’t more than “tinkering at the margins” and won’t make a meaningful difference unless many other things in the game change.

There are places where the developers and the Powers That Be could add Deeds that would make for a steadier trickle and encourage more play and more play in certain modes.

This isn’t one of them.


Assume i play 12 hrs a day too. More details please

That’s all, for merchants and angels to appear, you just need to win in explore in battle number 1,2 and 3, sometimes I retreat in battle 4 and restart the progression so I would skip boss battle that have zero chance of them to appear, but if you think I’m cheating somehow, there’s nothing I could do about it, right? Actually, I gonna create a post where I’ll upload every time I get deeds or writs along with a Karakoth pic, I guess will be fun.

I didnt say you were cheating did i? I do that and my merchants/angels don’t offer me 25 deeds per day. I was asking if there was something i wasn’t doing, apparently not

Play more.

So is it karakoth or sin of maraj?