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What happend to Sirrian? (meet the devs)

Did @Alpheon finally catch @Sirrian and eat him? Anyone got questions for our forum game devs?

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No Holy Hand Grenade could save him


Questions for @Sirrian? Um…if you had to fight 1 horse sized…oh wait, wrong forum.

this is the thread for asking devs questions, so please continue. @Sirrian has @Nimhain brought up the idea i had about the retreat button in treasure hunt? If she did, what are your thoughts, and the rest of the devs thoughts on the idea?

I’m not sure what kind of reply do you expect. If they say you are right - they admit that TH is a failure in its current state, because players should not want to enter->instantly abandon that mini-game. It just means something went wrong somewhere … I’d sooner expect an alternative way of spending the maps, or the for-ever-mentioned multiplier for TH.

Not that I think the Surrender / Forfeit button (that allows you to cash-in what you have at that point) for TH should not be there, I can imagine someone starting TH and running out of time (got to go pick someone up, or catch a bus, or anything else), and with still 10’ish moves left they might be forced to just Forfeit (i.e. abandon the run getting nothing out of it). But there’s a difference between people like that, and people doing what you suggest, which would be just entering/leaving for the gold and maybe some glory.

I think so few ppl are affected by the situation(s) I mentioned, that it’s not worth the effort to change the way the button works for them and (again) doing it for the other reason is admitting that TH is a failure. Might as well just implement that Black Market idea and allow selling the maps for gold there, or create a button (like disenchant) where you can DE/sell maps for gold (making a slot-machine minigame you could spend maps on would probably be not worth the effort :smiley: ).

meh here I am again, talking about ideas for random stuff instead of spamming my: IGNORE ANY OTHER IDEAS, FOCUS ON GETTING THROUGH THE ARENA CHANGES - YEAH! <3

I want to know if they would like to expand on the idea i had, (i am on the fence as to if it is good or bad.) It is not in anyway a confirmation that Treasure hunt is a failure, actually given how it is currently played by the masses, it is a giant success. This would be a small change that can be ninja’ed into the game without fanfare or at least that is what i hope the coding difficulty would be. [quote=“Fifthelement, post:6, topic:15448”]
doing it for the other reason is admitting that TH is a failure.

How would it mean that the minigame is a failure, those who have a bunch of maps are going to either (when/if this is implemented) not use the feature or use the auto quit button. In the opening turn, you only have gold and souls you can earn, so doing a few turns in the hope for a glory reward. Newbies are most likely going to continue to play the maps the way they have been, and the comfort of knowing you can leave at any time might be an incentive to play for higher-end players. Higher end players don’t play maps because it is “a waste of time”, my idea shrinks how much time you have to play the maps, and given that it would pair well with a turn counter, or a multi-use map function would show how good and versatile it can be as a new tool. With a multimap function, you have to code possibly a new screen or two, and would be a worse way of saying treasure hunt is a failure and might incentivise players saving up maps instead of spending them quickly.[quote=“Fifthelement, post:6, topic:15448”]

They basically confirmed this.

Impossible – you bring this up every odd thread. Fanfare achieved.

Think of the mythics, they have no fanfair when they are all put into the chests, which is why so many people question if they are even in the chests. So without that level of developer communication, how many people are going to stumble on this? We do not exactly represent the outset majority of the player base.

You mean aside from that giant banner we all see every 24 hours?

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that is when a new mythic comes out, not when the rest get re-added.

guess we could have a banner for 1 day after new mythic exclusive ran out:
“All mythics including new_mythic are now back in the chests, enjoy!”

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I like sirrian

Happy forum b-day btw.

Yes, cakes for everyone! We need a party card, like a adana mech sprayin confetti everytime it attacks.