What do you spend your gems on?


After getting the Dragon and Celestial Armor I’m curious what others use their gems for. I normally save for the blue keys. How about you?


Normally it is best to do 50 bulks of gem chests. Very rarely is it worth doing event keys. Event keys cost 50% more for the same rarity drops. Only advantage to event keys is it can get specific troops, which is only good on weeks that good legends are in the drop pool.


I use my gem for vip keys when a new mythic is out


Same as above.


That is what I do too, but anyone mentioning Dragon and Celestial armor likely don’t have VIP keys unlocked as they would have Deathknight armor by then.


I use them on new kingdom event week every two months.


Hey Tacet :grinning: I’m pretty sure Sirrian once said that what you get for 5 @ 10 gem etc keys increments is the same as 1@ 50. I have found my mythic at 1 @10 and 3 @ 10 thereby saving keys as I stop once I have found what I’m looking for.
I doubt that I will be trying very hard on Friday however :laughing:


Yes, it doesn’t matter how many keys you use for drop rate, but it does effect their cost when buying them with gems. Better to just save for 50 bulks and same gems overall.


This is what I do with the gems and how funny that I have just watched your videos not a moment ago and see you have replied to my thread :triumph:
I love your channel and cant express how much your videos help me with the game. So thanks for that.
What is this darthknight armor? and what level do you need the vip to be before we can get that.


this is where I’m reminded I only know 80% of the game as have no idea what a kingdom event is. Could you give me details pls.


Darknight armor is avalaible in the store for 50$ and give you +100% xp, soul and gold bonus

And you need to be vip level 5 to unlock vip chests (around 130$) total


Each week there is a new troop (or two), and for that week the event chest will give more troops from that kingdom. So @Rasper is referring to a new kingdom release where for that week the event chests are tied to the new kingdom, meaning a greater chance at those troops dropping.


First, each week a different Kingdom is selected as the Event for that week. This week it is Karakoth. When you open an event chest they are weighted to give troops from the Kingdom of the week. So if you opened a pack of event chests this week and get a Legendary, it will be Abhorath. Likewise Epics and Ultra Rares are likely to be from Karakoth.

Every two months or so a new Kingdom is added to the game, meaning there are 7-9 new troops to get. Since I have all existing troops (except some mythics), these new troops are what I’ll need. Generally a week after the Kingdom is released it will be the Event for the week. So I save my gems and use them when the new Kingdom is the event so I can get a bunch of the Ultra Rares, Epics, and Legendary troops to get them ascended.


Thanks everyone I did not know this about the events and the darthknight armor. I guess that’s why I love the game as so much more than most games. I only wish I was level 5 vip but am only L2 so long way to go.