Gems spending for newbie


I am newbie (level 17 warlord) and want to by “15 Gems Daily x 15 Days”. What is the best way to spend them?

You want to save them to buy dragon armor if you haven’t already.

Armor is very important for you.

If you can get into a guild that completes the blue task, that would give you enough to buy it in a week. Good luck!


Exactly this.

Additionally, the best way to make (free) Gems in this game is to level your Kingdoms to level 10 (and then to pursue the Double Tribute Chance by obtaining, ascending, leveling, and traiting troops). Every hour, when you collect Tribute from your kingdoms (the pulsing gold coins on your home kingdom), you will get a chance to collect Tribute from all of your kingdoms based on their current level (can be raised to 10% chance per kingdom with Gold alone, and eventually even to 26%). If n kingdoms deliver Tribute, you’ll get n-1 Gems that hour. This adds up quickly, and is a great way to sustain yourself later on.

A purchase of Dragon Armor will help by increasing the amount of Gold you earn from a match, which will thereafter allow you to more easily get to level 10 on your kingdoms. This, in effect, pays for the Gems (and then some, as those kingdoms will keep paying out ad infinitum).


If you want to spend more money, or think you will down the road, then the absolute best purchase is the Deathknight Armor. It’s very pricey, but I mention it because it renders the Dragon Armor obsolete so you’d be wasting your gems on the Dragon Armor when you could spend them elsewhere.


Thank you. Another question: Description of VIP Level 5 says that it gives VIP Chest Acess.
Does it mean that befrore VIP Level 5 I will be unable to buy VIP chest for 50 Gems?

That is correct, until you reach vip level 5 you cannot buy vip chests with gems.
Once you have armour spend gems on gem or event keys.

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But if I’ll buy MIni VIP Pack that contains 2 VIP keys I’ll be able to open 2 VIP Chest regardless my VIP level, right?

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Yes, that would get you two vip keys.
In my experience, I have received as good or better rewards from gem or event chests though.