Gems on gem keys or VIP keys?

I have been playing this game for a while now and while I am not very good at it I am in a great guild and I manage to make a pretty good size contribution to it each week. My own personal system has always been accumulate keys for a month or so and then open them all with one shot.

My question is how should I be spending my gems… each time I open chests I would alternate how I spend them meaning this cycle I use the gems on gem keys and on the next cycle I open Vip keys. Doing it this way I have been able to get at least one mythic per cycle. On the last cycle I opened Vip chests and I managed to get three mythics in that cycle.

So to all the veterans here: what should I be spending my gems on? Is it foolish to dump them all into Vip keys or is it better? Thanks for any advice.

Is your intention to pull mythics? Buy VIP keys.
Is your intention to pull lots of ultra rare and better troops? Buy gem keys.


Mythics on the exclusive period, when they are freshly released, could be a main goal. You could spend all your Glory and Gem Keys before using gems for Vip Chests, this way you can start to save some gems here and there for other events or when you fail to get the new mythic with the other keys.

Are you talking excess gems after purchasing weekly event shop tiers for the new troops & weapons? If you’re not buying those then you should be IMO. Then make sure when you spend the excess gems it’s on mythic week each month. As for gem or VIP keys at that point, I’d probably say VIP if you can afford them otherwise gem keys.

Well, there are two questions and since you said you’re new I have to assume one of them is unasked. The questions are:

  1. How should I spend my gems?
  2. Are VIP chests or Gem chests better?

First, “How should I spend my gems?” This is the one @vanyel is answering.

Did you buy Deathknight armor? If not, do you have Dragon and/or Celestial armor? If the answer to all of those is “no”, that’s where your next 500 gems should go. Dragon/Celestial armor will boost your gold or souls by a large amount, and both boost your XP. Deathknight armor does both gold and souls at the same time plus the XP bonus. So you want to commit to either Deathknight armor or at least one of Dragon/Celestial right away.

So let’s say you get your armor sorted, where next? Well, it’s an Invasion week right now. You will do poorly if you don’t at least get the event troop. If you are in a guild with requirements, you need to buy your required tiers. If you are not in a guild at all then record scratch that is a problem. Guilds give you a lot of passive income, not to mention cool people to hang out with on Discord.

Also keep in mind there is a Pet Rescue, a Faction Event, and a Class Event this week. Do you want to spend gems on those? Set aside some gems for them if so. This Friday also starts a Bounty Hunt, there’s always a troop to buy there. So right away, anything from 300-600 gems might need to be set aside for all the requirements you might have this week.

Also: it’s the end of November, which means a Mythic Week is approaching. You might want to hold on to your gems until that week.

Now let’s assume you’ve satisfied all of those. You want to spend your gems on chests. What chest is the best one to open?

VIP chests are most likely to drop legendaries or mythics compared to gem chests. 60% of your pulls will be troops. 75% of those will be Epics, 23% will be Legendaries, and about 2% will be Mythics. The other 40% of your pulls will be Arcane/Celestial traitstones, which are not as “cool” as troops but still nice. But they’re also expensive.

Gem chests will be 80% troops. The 20% of non-troops are split between “any ingots” and “any traitstones”, which isn’t as good a haul. The troops themselves are Ultra-Rares and up: of the 80% of pulls only 0.12% are Mythics and 2.5% will be legendaries. Ouch. On the other hand, you can open roughly 5 gem chests per 1 VIP chest. That still won’t give you as many legendaries/mythics in the long run, but you will get far more troops.

So I don’t know what the group consensus is, but the way I feel is VIP vs. Gem chests works like this:

  • If you’re still missing some Ultra-Rares, go for gem chests.
  • If you just want legendaries/mythics, go for VIP chests.
  • Once you have a lot of legendaries/mythics, the chance of dupes is so high you shouldn’t buy chests outside of mythic week.

VIP keys, and all keys, get worth “less” over time, because they get increasingly likely to give you nothing but duplicates!


best place to throw gems is events so you can get a huge collection of growth Orbs. :wink:

Thank you guys for the feedback. You guys answered questions I didn’t even know I should be asking. Thanks for covering all the bases. I have a much better idea of how I should be spending my gems now.


Event Keys are also worth a mention as you can focus down specific legendaries or mythics when they appear.

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