What to spend Gems on

So I am in a position I did not expect to find myself in so soon.

I have gems and am wondering about the best way to spend them. I am curious about what others would do.

I have Celestial armor already. So here is the question

Would you spend your gems on:
Dragon armor
50 gem keys

Event keys, save your gems until you want to target a specific legendary. Anything else is crazy

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Dragon Armor. You should always get both armors. Use Celestial in Explore/Quests/Challenges/Arena, and Dragon in PvP.

If you don’t have all the kingdoms to level 10, then especially get dragon armor and work on that immediately.


I second @brownbananapeel

If you don’t intend to drop $50.00 to get Deathknight armor, then Dragon armor is MOST definitely the best thing you can spend your gems on.

Switch armors based on what you are doing.
PVP: Dragon Armor
Everything else: Celestial Armor

FYI deathknight armor pack is the single most valuable purchase you can make in this game.


Armor: If you are planning on buying DeathKnight, skip Dragon. If not, Dragon Armor is your first priority.

Chests: If you are willing to wait for Events (especially new Kingdoms), save for Event Keys. If you need lots of Ultra Rare+ Troops still, Gem Keys aren’t bad.

Resources: Bad Rate of Return, don’t waste Gems on these


I use mine for the vip chests.

i 2nd this, still takes fucking AGES to lvl kingdoms… i only have all magic kingdoms lvl 10 and 2 armor kingdoms lvl 10 so far and that in like 2 years of playing zzz… atleast dragon armor speeds things up a little. i get to lvl a kingdom to lvl 10 once every two weeks now if im lucky and have been playing enough.

Im saving mine for the update. Might be something usefull in it :slight_smile: