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What is best to spend Gems on and Deathknight Armor?

I have 500 Gems now and was wondering what was best to spend them on?
I was looking at the armor and was wanting to get the Deathknight Armor, but you can’t get it with Gems.
Is this going to be possible at some point?

Last I heard they said a year+ if ever. It was added like 5 months or so ago. There is a good possibility it will never be gem purchasable since it doesn’t directly buff the chance of winning within a match.

As @Tacet said it may be quite a while before they offer Deathknight armor again so you will just have to keep checking the “Specials” tab of the shop. Maybe if enough people ask for it they will bring it back sooner. It will most likely only be available through a real cash purchase of a $50 pack. Until then I recommend getting the Dragon armor or the Celestial armor. You have the gems for one of those. The decision would be based on what you feel you need a boost in collecting. Gold and experience or gold and souls. Good luck.

** once you get another 500 gems get the other one so in the end you have both.

I have both dragon and celestial and trust me, once you have and use valkyrie, you don’t need celestial any more.

Thats a shame, thanks for that.
Wish there was one that gave 75% to all 3.

Again? Has it been available for Gems before? It is available to buy with real money.

Thanks for the tip.

I bought it in a $50 pack. Maybe because I already have Deathknight armor I don’t see the offer of it anymore @Xbox_guy. But I doubt it would ever be available for gems. It’s a good money maker for the game and the devs. Worth every penny in my opinion.

not to mention it would seriously piss off those that paid cash for the armour.

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I decided on the Dragon Armor, I think that is what it was called.
For the amount of Gems it cost though and how long it takes to get gems would have been nice to have 75% on souls and exp.
Weird how there is no armor with 75% on everything.

To clarify, Deathknight armor is available for cash purchase only, in the $50 bundle, and it is a one-time purchase. That is, once you’ve purchased it, it is gone from the store. If you have not yet purchased it, it is still available in your shop. As I recall, the devs have said it will never be available for gems purchase.

I don’t think they’ve (ever) said “never” to this (or to anything, really), but it’s a pretty good bet that it’ll stay cash-only.

I suppose you’re right, never say never, but…