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How to buy armor with gems?

Hi there, I’m really new to the game, so it’s a basic question. How can I buy armors using gems? I’ve read that there should be an armor tab in the shop, but I don’t see it. I only see a Specials tab where I can buy the deathknight pack with real money.

I’m on Android, if that’s relevant. Any help is appreciated!

It got changed, go to the Hero tab in the World Map, then go to Armor Bonus, there you can buy armors for gems. :slight_smile:

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Found it! Thanks for the quick reply!

Ur welcome! :slight_smile:

I got 200 gems, I think it’s probably best to save up for celestial or dragon armor. Which one would you recommend?

I do personally go with the Dragon Armor so its smart to wait, gold is vital now getting up those kingdoms to level 10. Then I would have saved my diamonds for Pharos-Ra, if I were you.

However if you planning to stay long in this game and have a little money left over for the month, buying the Deathknight armor will be a great business for you. You will never have to think about armors ever again.


Cool thanks! I think I wanna do this f2p (I will by starter packs to support the devs for fairness). Maybe I change my opinion later on and get the deathknight armor, we’ll see.


15 gems for 15 days pack is really good one, for 5 dollars, worth a mention.

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