What Do I do Now?

Hi there,

I have finished all Kingdoms and all challenges, as many of you have I suppose, but I was wondering what is there left to do besides play in PVP mode or fight in the Arena?

I would love to hear from anyone who can advise me on this

Many thanks

Kaz :slight_smile:

Next up is levelling all Kingdoms to level 10 and 5 stars. :slight_smile:

Oh, is that all? Shouldn’t take too long.

Thanks for replying, but isn’t that a bit grinding, considering there are no more kingdoms or challenges to do? lol

We have Drifting Sands for you to play when 1.0.9 comes out.

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WOW awesome, and when is that likely to happen please? :grinning:

Hi @DJXtraBass, not sure if you’re on PC/Mobile, but if so, there’s a new Kingdom coming tomorrow in the 1.0.9 update.

…AND… I heard a rumor that 1.0.9 might actually contain TWO new Kingdoms… :wink:

EDIT: @Nimhain is a total Ninja and beat me to the response!


Whooo hoooo, many thanks to all replies, this is FAB news, and I am on my laptop btw Windows 10, Love this game, so addictive, great job guys :heart_eyes:

2 new kingdoms? If that’s for real then that’s awesome!

More details please… :smiley:


You are not getting away that easily with this, I take you in in my cellar with my rotten potatoes(to eat) untill you tell me more about this… :triumph:

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Blighted lands and Drifting sands it like rhymes :smiley:

We probably won’t have 2 kingdoms on 1.0.9. launch, rather the second kingdom will come while 1.0.9 is still a version of game we are playing. So the second kingdom will be out before 2.0 hits, which is a time period of for example 2 months. If the second kingdoms comes 30 days for now, it’s still included with 1.0.9.

boooo, you might be right. :disappointed_relieved:

You might be in for a surprise.



I’ll be happy to be proven wrong ^^

maybe on monday since we have a card for this week already? that would be cool… give me time to grind another 127k.

are you suprised yet?


Oh very :smiley: