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What determines the Arena Opponents?

Is it pure RNG?
Or does a players troops influence the troops selected as the opponent?
I believe it’s the only game mode where we can’t see our opponents troops prior to starting a match. So it’s plausible that the system determines the match up when we select “to battle!”

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Gems of Wars own kind of RNG, which is a funny one. Kinda a vague answer, but I guess this is all we will know.

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I’d bet it has some hidden “score” mechanics, thats calculated based on troops you’ve picked. And that it picks opponents of similiar score.

At least, that’s what i see from my personal experience - when i’m given better troops to pick (and pick them), opponent teams usually have one of these:
envy, lapina explorer, lucifria, etc.

When I got crappy choices, I barely see them in enemy teams.

“Moving” what I noticed in November from Arena/Pet Gnome thread to here.
(No point linking the thread; not quite related & link may not work properly anyway.)


I constantly get troops that cause damage based on ‘if the opponent is a tower’ or ‘if the opponent is a boss’ etc. It’s Arena mode, no there are no towers or boss!!!

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It’s been stated by Devs that these troops (Siegebrakers and Godslayers) will also appear in Arena, so… everything works as intended…

There must be 68 epic troops which are either siegebreakers or godslayers. It is possible that we get them every now and them in the Arena.