Arena battles aren't very fair

Every time I go to play an arena battle I get matched up with a player who is at level 600 or over with troops that far outrank mine. i have no hope of ever winning arena battles if your game keeps matching me up to lose every time!!! Why does it not match fairly?

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There’s no reason to play arena. Rewards suck compared to playing with faster teams in PvP, and no traits makes it not very fun. Devs need to completely revamp Arena for me to even consider playing it again.

Surely the whole point of arena is that it is fair. Everyone uses troops the same level, rather than at the levels of their own collection. From memory only the hero stats change and reflect the player’s own strength.

What difficulty level are you using? Arena is GREAT for lower level players. That is to say those players who do not have good enough troops to play fast PvP battles.


I actually enjoy playing it from time to time, it forces me to use troops I might not normally use and think in new and different ways about the game. As a main game mode it doesn’t match up with PVP, but it’s still fun for what it is.

@OP Echoing what Bludax and Jainus said… what difficulty you using? You should be having the same level troops as the opponent, their level should be mostly irrelevant other than for their hero character (and even then it’s not a huge thing)


That doesn’t sound right. All troops should be at same generic levels. Check your difficulty setting


Yeah. Everything should be lvl15 except the hero. To be fair, the hero is an issue though… as is freaking Runic Blade still.

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I’m playing on Normal difficulty, I’m a lvl 210, not only do I find myself playing a level 600 or higher the troops are not matched evenly. I’ll have to share a screen shot to show what I mean. I also like to play arena to learn more about what troops work good with others and maybe try one I don’t have but it doesn’t matter if I just get smashed before I even get a chance.

I am level 243, normal difficulty I am against level 280 hero with level 15 untraited troops like mine.

Troops not even huh? Can you provide a screen shot of what your seeing?

I assume you mean you got bad draws of troops, which well does happen, but best not to dwell on it and finish of the run quickly to start a new run that hopefully is blessed with a better draw.
Try to pick a hero weapon that will make up for your troop draws shortcomings (or just pick spark rocket cause it is absolutely awesome, don’t believe the runic blade hype) and you should do well enough.

OK, battle 5 I got a level 1064 hero on Normal vs my 243, but the troops are still level 15 untrailted…

Well, I know the Arena troops can get boost from the Event Bonuses as well.
Maybe that’s it? Are the troops from the new kingdom in the Arena roster already?

They should be, but unfortunately they are not.

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Are you using normal difficulty? Anything higher and the game becomes very difficult.

I am currently doing a good amount of arenas to get the 1200 souls that are really helping me in leveling troops. Just set normal difficulty and pick damage troops without color clash you should be able to finish it no problem. :slight_smile:
I still have a lv1 great maw though… Need to begin to feed her.

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My strategy for getting lame troops- RETIRE and redraw until you get what you need. I mostly play arena when I wanna play mindlessly and still get a decent amount of rewards. The point for me is Mindless playing. Don’t even have to try.