Same arena opponent 3 times?

So I’m on my 6th match in an arena run and I’ve now faced the same opponent 3 times.

I’ve had an enemy team repeat before and it’s especially annoying when it’s a team that can beat you–that ends the whole run and feels pretty unfair.

In this instance, I keep beating the team so now I’m going to go beat it a third time… but it’s a good opportunity to say, hey, this is not an ideal circumstance.

It’s like that from the beginning, not addressed in any way and I can’t even recall devs admitting it’s not the intended way. Too bad for those still playing arena.

Hmm, I think the arena team only repeats when you fail to beat them.
Never had the other way around happened to me before.

No, even if you beat them it happens. Got to fight the same person 3 times in a row today, won all 3 times. It’s always annoying, I agree.

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Happens on Console as well. Annoying but unavoidable

I haven’t seen anything about the matchmaking rules for arena, but I would assume that the arena pool is much smaller than the regular PvP pool. There are probably going to be times where there simply aren’t any other opponents available to match you against.