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Arena Opponent Teams

Does anyone know how are Arena opponent teams set up? Is this based on player teams with unfinished games in Arena? Or is it based on past teams set up regardless of whether the Arena run has been complete? I have started an Arena run which I have yet to complete. Does this mean that until I complete the Arena run, the team I have set up will consistently be in the list of player opponent teams? ( Got DB; started Arena to see what the fuss was all about; quickly got bored; left team there).

I am not fully certain, but last I recall playing one single battle to its full completion of a win or lose will result in the team being put into the roaster of possible opponents.

Older battles from about a week or 2 ago get cleared on a regular basis, so all of the teams are somewhat recent.

So for example, if a new weapon was to be added to the game that everyone would want to start to use in Arena, it would take about a week or so before that weapons becomes seen a lot. It was really noticeable when Dawnbringer became craftable.

Also, the team you have “set” in Arena doesn’t count towards your defend win/lose. They only use it as a way to generate opponents for the minigame.

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Thanks for the reply ! Was curious about this and there did not seem to be any reference on the roster for Arena. I suppose if you were really mean, you could use Dawnbringer and do a Arena run every reset to ensure that your team is on the roster.

I play arena a lot, so I happen to have played against “myself” (two different accounts) this week.
The weapon was one I had used a little earlier that day. The rest of the team was completely random. I would never had picked anything such.

That’s interesting. So by playing your hero gets into the draft but not the team you did the run witj.