Arena issues and uneven matches

The arena should have a even playing ground and should face even matched players according to rank and should be able to pick a banner.

I take it you just started playing GoW within the last 3 months?

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Yeah what’s the difference?

They made it easier by taking Dawnbringer out of all Defense teams in the arena. Prior to that, players had a real time winning in the arena against it.

I played before over a year ago when I decided to play again I was lvl 14 now I’m lvl 200 something. The arena I don’t do much of anyway but i faced some you had few more points of health attack and armor. But like I said I don’t do arena much just mostly ranked pvp.

Arena is much better than it used to be. However, the two suggestions you’ve made are reasonable.

At the very least, I’ve never understood why we’re stuck with one banner. It’d make more sense to be able to pick a banner -or- have no banners at all.

The matchmaking is… much harder. Many weapons can be bought, and gem masteries aren’t completely fixed per level, so there’s always going to be a bit of lopsided-ness to Arena so long as the Hero can be used.


Yeah I’d like to play arena more often if they would tweak it to make it more fair and like you said add the banners or take them out. I just noticed something else that I was using a yellow weapon I was able to make my matches to use it after that I wasn’t able to get anymore yellow and the colors that came down were mainly the opponents .

This is part of the game. Once your mana fills for a troop, it can’t accumulate more. This is part of why troops that take multiple colors are useful: you can put a yellow/black and yellow/red on the same team and they can separately accumulate mana, or when the top one fills yellow can go to the bottom one.

So it’s really not a good idea to build a team that focuses on one specific color (with one endgame exception). In Arena, you’d really like to be building teams that can use EVERY color. If you are missing colors, then you risk having games where the board is full of the colors you can’t use, and that’s a good recipe for losing.

The endgame exception is the weapon “Dawnbringer”. It is boosted by the number of yellow allies and opponents, and when it’s strong enough it can one-shot an enemy Arena team. So when people play with Dawnbringer, they try to get an all-yellow team. Still, sometimes things go bad and the hero gets killed, then the Dawnbringer teams are extremely weak. If you saw the advice, ‘pick yellow troops’, it was meant for people who have Dawnbringer. You’re a long way from that.

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Well that’s what I was saying just my hero was using just yellow I had a mix of colors blues greens reds and browns along with acourse yellow. Accourse people are saying that noob this that noon that sort a thing. I guess I’ll make it known that I came along way since I started back up and I have beaten teams who are higher ranked than me and they would have a few mythics me just 2 legendarys and 2 mythics… sorry I fell off point. Over all in some sort of way if players are playing arena it should be evenly matched rank for rank… might be a noob moment but I don’t know how to set up a arena team for defense unless it’s my current team for pvp.

When traitstones were first introduced, the arena was not only stuck with the blue/brown banner, but you could only acquire blue/brown traitstones there as well. Getting it to drop random traitstones took months and a multitude of player complaints. I’m not saying it’s perfect now, but it’s much better than it was.


All in all the arena is… okay. Just not for the early players. The high level players don’t get the bonus from the high level kingdoms, but they get the extra points for their level. So as a lower level player, you start of with less magic and attack, making it harder for you, because some weapons can oneshot troops, while your weapons can’t do that. It maybe would be better, if they just set the stats for your hero to a certain value and got rid of the banner. So your hero has like 20 armor and life, 10 attack and magic or something like that, no matter your actual level.

Yeah that would be good and or included to the ability to change banners at least

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Because only the bonus stats for gaining levels apply to the arena, it is much more fair and much easier for new players than PVP.
And there is a special pool for players below level 200.