Higher attractiveness for Arena

Hello !

First of all, little presentation to understand more my point of view. I’m a mid-tier player, quite dedicated but not an hardcore player, playing since around 2 year I think. I’m level 800 in a guild ranked ~270 and in bracket #20 in GW, where I became the GM. So I’m really in the middle of the gate, not a newcomer and not a veteran. I own very nearly every single troop, except Mythics ones that I never had the chance to drop from a chest (yes, even after 800 levels :smiley: ), and half or more of those troops are ascended to mythic. Around 90 of them are full trait, and most of my kingdoms are 5-stars. Enough to win PvP most of the time, no matter the opponent team (if no bad luck btw) as well as GW with monocolor teams.

So now I’m currently in chase for Souls (still need 900k) and traitstones, not really to make better teams (most of useful troops are already maxed), but more to power more my kingdoms and for the collection.

And to finish, I mostly play GoW for the team creation aspect (I love to change team, even for less effective ones, to avoid routine) and for the “puzzle” aspect. I don’t like “non-brain” farming and grinding , even if it makes me non-competitive. I play for the game, not for the win.

Sooooooooo, arena !

Like everyone I suppose, I played arena during my very first levels. And it was interesting because you have the opportunity to use troops you don’t own at that time, and learn new troops and skill. And if lucky, you can see some nice combinations that give ideas for your team creation. But Arena is really time consuming (I was happy when I learned I can leave Arena between 2 fights, without losing progression :rofl: ), and when you start, there is so much to do … So between quest lines, PvP to get #1, TS farming and now GW, hard to play Arena :confused:

I had some spare times those 2 last days. And I was a little bored of GoW because there’s no GW since 2 weeks and I really love this aspect of the game, because in the bracket we are, there’s a lot of different teams to fight (we are not in the Psion/Famine/Famine/… routine at that level). I was bored of PvP because of that aspect (same 2 or 3 teams to fight). I was bored of farming TS even if I need a lot (start, cast Elspeth, cast bombot, cast bombot, restart, …). Treasure hunt and challenges, I don’t play this. So after maybe 600 levels, I retried Arena !
And I have to say that now I really enjoy that :smiley: Here are some reasons :

  • You always play with a different team, no routine! And btw you have to think and create a team at every session, choosing best weapon for hero.
  • You never know who you gonna fight, you can’t even scout team. But this is always different (just a preponderant weapon occurring : the Runic Blade)
  • You have that little “stress” of losing, like in GW, so you have to play wisely and not like a robot
  • This is the only mode where there is a kind of equality between people : all troops at the same level, with no trait.


So, it corresponds in many aspects to what I’m looking for with playing GoW. But in the same time, I know I won’t play it very much from now (no more spare time :frowning: ). Why ? Because even it is very nice with some aspects, there’s some defects. Here what I don’t like, with some propositions.

  • Time consumption : fighting with unleveled untraited troops in a non-optimized team is fun (for me at least :stuck_out_tongue: ) but not really efficient. So fights are loooooong, compared to classic ones. We all have a lot to do, between TS and gold farming, GW and soon™ dungeons. I don’t see how to make fight faster, so maybe reduce the round to 6 instead of 8 fights ? (Disclaimer : I play on mobile, so no x4 for me. An arena is around 30 or 40 min, with team creation. Maybe it will be better with the speed-up, I don’t know)

  • Rewards : Some rewards are OK : 30 trophies and 5 keys are nice. Souls : a bit lower that what you can get with specifically farming it, but this is normal (I win 3k with an arena, I could gather around 5 or 6k during this time for example). It could be a bit more but this is OK for me. Gold : not really important I think. What is lacking the most (for me, this could be bias) is traitstones. And this is why I’ll stop arena to re-do TS farming to enhance my troops. I think that some TS should be added to final reward. I don’t know, maybe 5-8 random TS or 1-2 guarantee Arcanic TS for example. And maybe a bit of glory too :wink:

To resume, for me, the balance between time spent and rewards is broken and this is why people don’t play so much arena, while this is probably the funniest part of the game. Those propositions are not meant to be cumulative ! (but if so, it ould be perfect :stuck_out_tongue: ) We could get same rewards for less time, or more rewards for same time. This is just my vision to make Arena a bit more attractive, the goal is not to make Arena the place where you can get all-in-one (souls, TS, etc.). We could also add those aspects :

  • Week boost should not apply in Arena, to keep this place neutral and equal. But with the 10 % instead of 25 % it will be less problematic
  • When picking troops, we should see which one we already choosed. Sometimes, when I get to UR one, I forgot which common I picked, and don’t remember color for example.
  • Make an event based on Arena maybe ?


So here’s the end of this long post :smiley: (that may not be read by devs, I know this also :smiley: ) If you think about other improvements, feel free to add your own vision in reply !

Have a nice day and luck in your game !


I don’t need souls anymore. I play arena because I like it. it is a nice challenge to try to make the best with a limited choice of troops.
I agree that the rewards should be better. But I would like would be more trophies and more gold, to make arena a viable alternative to PVP.


We may need a lot of Souls in the crafting system. Granted I don’t have as many as some others, only around 400k, but depending on how hungry the soul forge is for souls, Arena might need to be an attractive alternative to Soulfarms in explore.


I have 3 millions of them. :sunglasses:
But you might very well be right. It would be nice if soulforge helped to renew the interest in arena.


That’s the problem with rewards : depending of your “level” you are interested in different things.

  • Golds, souls and keys at the beginning
  • Gold, souls and TS at mid-tier
  • Gold Gold & Gold at end tier, when other ressources are useless.

@Drathas may be right with the Forge and the souls.
That said, people with all troops maxed & traits exist and are maybe a lot visible here and on Discord, but I’m not sure this is a majority of players. However a boost on gold will be appreciable for all players :slight_smile:

That would be much more complex (for the devs I mean :D) but it could be fun to choose, at the start of the arena, between something like “Arena of souls”, “Arena of Gold” and “Arena of Stones”, with a core of rewards (trophies/gold/keys/soul/stone) plus a bonus for the category. But this is not realistic :stuck_out_tongue:


I enjoy arena a lot, but I don’t need souls and nearly complete on trait stones. The only thing that prevents me from spending more time playing arena is the lack of gold I get from it. I am hoping souls can be crafted into gold, that would increase the time I could spend playing arena and still put in 1 mill gold into guild a week.

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@Zapan agree with your idea of a more specialized return on arena, in a couple of months I will be close to an end gamer but I really like the challenges of arena, but I can earn gold / souls faster but not as much fun as arena, I would really like to see the troops I have picked while I am still choosing, I cannot allways remember the mana requirements of each of them, overall I agree with the op on just about everything

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Arena needs to get better rewards, so endgame players can play a lot more Arena.


There was a wonderful bug on console for a long time. Any troop you invested Traitstones in would remain Traited in Arena when you chose them (only for the player). This encouraged lower level players to trait Common and Rares they would not normally trait for use in the Arena

Funs over, and the bug was patched over a year ago :frowning::unamused:

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For the end tier, trophies, trophies and trophies would also be true.
I like the idea of a specialization.


I love arena but mainly due to it reminds me more of puzzle quest and the very low amount of gem spawner and looper teams that plague PvP. Anything they can do to make it better would be awesome!


Better rewards and I’d play it more. Might try the higher skill levels

Has anyone beat warlord 4?maybe @Tacet could try it for a stream. All 8 not just the last fight.

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Well I just tried and it didn’t happen. I support a rework as well.

I have tried it before. Farthest we have ever gotten is 3 wins, so it is technically possible, though really unlikely.

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You need to be really lucky with troop selection. I can’t imagine that runic blade would be much good with the over inflated stats. I’d imagine careful weapon selection and a mana generator or maybe a protector like dragonian monk would be the most likely to help you achieve victory.

As soon as they hit a skull or a attack it’s over, I agree a very good team and summoner maybe it would happen.
Come on @Tacet, I think you can do it!!


Mang would strip armour but not do enough damage, crypt keeper is too hit and miss, runic blade would take ages to boost the stats up to the level required, so I’d love to see what the King of mispronunciation has in store.

I tired it again today and got to 2 wins this time. Mang Skeleton and Mang Spirit Fox have the best chance at doing it. Biggest issue with Mang is hero has to be the current front troop to use the skull damage, so summon spam doesn’t work with it.

Optimal 4 picks would likely be:
Spirit Fox | Mang | Skeleton | Cockatrice