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I have issues with The Arena!

I have a few complaints on the Arena.

First, I would like a more random mix of troops. It seemed that mix is based on a limited number of troops.

Second, the buy out option seemed way, way too costly. And because the troop mixture isn’t wide open its makes no sense in buying out the troops. On the other hand if the mixture/game is intended for levels 500 or lower then the by out is way, way too much for those lower players.

Third, the dawnbringer is such an unbalanced weapon for a random troop setup. And worst, you run into 3 to 4 games with the dawnbringer. I’m not sure what would be a good fix, maybe better troops. I never had that much of an issue with Dawnbringer in PvP, but the weapon does wipe out almost all the troops on it’s first hit in the arena.

I stopped playing the arena in December. :frowning:

You might want to play again! You won’t see anyone using Dawnbringer in the arena these days, devs changed it so it uses a different weapon instead :slight_smile:

With this week’s patch, a number of new troops have been added to the arena as well, so things are a little more varied. Though, truthfully, not by much, lol


Then perhaps you will be interested in this thread. Dawnbringer is not an issue in the arena anymore.

Thanks it’s nice to know… :slight_smile: