Dusk Sets on Krystara (AKA The Dawnbringer Fix)


You read that correctly… We have now implemented a fix for the Dawnbringer in Arena!

With the fix, when your opponent has a Dawnbringer in their team lineup it will be randomly replaced by one of the following weapons:

  • Kingslayer
  • Soul Blade
  • Fire and Ice
  • Orpheus’ Lute
  • Baat Jaam Dao

This fix is now live on PC! Make sure to restart your game to see the changes. It will be coming to consoles later today. :slight_smile:


Ban Dawnbringer in Arena
Dawn bringer overpowered in arena mode
Dawnbringer unbalances Arena
I have issues with The Arena!

I can hear people screaming YESSS!!! :slight_smile:


Congrats guys! :smiley: I am so happy for you and so glad we could get this in quicker than we thought!


I have been waiting all morning to announce this!


I really like this as a fix - It does not devalue Dawnbringer for those who have it and removes it as the ever present threat in Arena.
Good job!


If that’s the “fix” why even have player built teams in arena? Just generate random teams for each match.


Very good. I can still blast through Arena with my Dawnbringer but also know that it won’t pester anybody else anymore. I’ve been wanting a fix just like this for a while, since before I even had the thing. Congrats.


perfectly changes. :star_struck:


This is going to make a lot of people happy and make arena enjoyable again. Thank you devs.


Just make all fights against DB autowins and be done with it. Crying prevails once more…


Dang it Salty. Today was the day I finally got Dawnbringer and now I won’t even have the satisfaction of knowing that I’m annoying random people by using it in Arena.


Lol you still got couple hours to annoy people on console before the fix :slight_smile:


Best news ever thank you. I just started playing again on my second account that is only level 300 and I couldn’t even play arena because of Dawnbringer.


Does this mean more Dawnbringer-tier weapons will be added finally? Can we expect them to get the same treatment in arena? Will Burning Scythe ever be unnerfed?


Can someone read this? My eyes hurt.
@Saltypatra, @Lyya, @Cyrup, anyone?
Can we get this fixed already?


P.S. Appreciate the DB fix, btw.


We can look into it in the future. However, lets take some time to celebrate Dawnbringer please.


Dawnbringer wasn’t really a prob for me but im glad we won’t see more “ban dawnbringer” threads :slight_smile:


It’s taken so long to do it’s hard to care anymore.

But it’s still great news for those that want to play Arena :blush:


The good news is that you don’t have excuse anymore to not release new Mythic weapons :stuck_out_tongue: . Next patch?