Epic Troops in Arena?


Maybe I missed an update announcement, but since when do Epic troops show up in the arena?


Was she summoned by a baby dragon?


No, she was there from the beginning. I ran into a Fire Giant the other day and I was thinking they were Epic also, but I can’t remember for sure.


Fire Giant is ultra-rare, but Asha should definitely not be appearing in the starting lineup.


I had a guild mate fight me the other day in arena and the team I had used 4 different troops then what he showed.
I never used that team so maybe just by replacing dawnbringer you actually get a whole new team?
Maybe somehow those higher cards get put in by mistake.


I noticed this happen before they started replacing Dawnbringer. They must randomize the actual troops.


Which made the whole “we can’t change the weapon” defense even more silly. What is the point of putting actual people’s heroes in Arena if the team isn’t even what they chose from their limited draft?


That was my thought as well. It never made sense to me.


I think arena would be awesome if it was like a pet rescure and the 8 fights were tougher each time.

No need for another players team in there and this would solve all those problems with the dawnbringer.


It’s my understanding that arena has always been Hero with chosen weapon (until Dawnbringer change) and a random selection of troops. So the team you actually chose probably won’t be the defense someone els3 sees.


Ohhh… I thought it was the used teams. It must be yet another bug putting in epics.


here you go …

one better

a Legendary in arena


here is my arena team. same as first pic so cant be pvp


Epic+ troops could always be summoned in Arena, this is about epic+ troops allegedly being able to appear in starting teams.
Being honest i will only believe that when it happens to myself or when being provided with screenshots of starting boards with a present epic+ troop. No offense, just going by Arkham’s razor and all (though Devs messing up is only very slightly less probable than players not realizing a summoning troop putting the epic+ on board to be fair).
Edit: Occam not Arkham…I seem to enjoy Batman games too much…


so there is an ultra-rare troop or lower that will summon a legendary ?


Basically anything that summons a trooptype.
Also Umberwolf is summoned(transformed into) by default by Batswarm into Nosferatu into Umberwolf.


The batswarm/Nosferatu/Umberwolf cycle could result in that (if Batswarm is in the arena pool). Dragon Egg --> Baby dragon can summon any dragon, many of which are Legendary.



Level 20 legendary? And the conspiracy continues. Funny tho. I have not had this issue yet.