What builds are you working on as of 1.0.8?

There are currently A LOT of different build synergies for late game compared to before 1.0.8. Feel free to post your own finished or work in progress builds below. Here are a couple of mine:

The above is my main build for PvP and is my only 100% maxed out build. I love that they brought back the one shot Paladin… xD

Another varient is to remove a Paladin and put Silent One in the first slot, which allows it to get boosted quick with +3 blue and +3 yellow with the +1/+1 from Sword’s edge banner. At +6 for blue AND yellow, it is a minimum of 3 turns for silence, 2 turns with surges, and 1 turn with luck.

The above is the fairly common build from 1.0.7, which is even more effective now. I use this mainly for my defend.

The above build could make Abhorath ridiculously big if it had all 3 traits. Maxing the Karkakoth kingdom is also likely everyone’s first max kingdom target for the additional +1 magic.

The above is a decent disable build if the enemy can be silenced and entangled. A fun variant is just to have 4 Druids, which deal damage just as quick as Paladin.

The above is a variant of the 1.0.7 fey build that I use to use, but I use Hippogryph instead of Rowanne now that all the extra magic from his traits makes Hippogryph like a armor independent Paladin.

Well, that is everything I am working on for builds. I would love to see what other builds are out there. PvP defends still seems to be quite void of updated troops, so I haven’t gotten to see many yet.


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