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Returning player with a few questions

I stopped playing soon after traits and reworked chests came out because the addition of traits kinda made me feel overwhelmed with grind. But when I saw that 2.0 came out, I decided to check how the game had changed.
Altough I don’t really feel like it is much better, I’m really trying to get back in the game. One of the things I noticed in PvP, is how enemies sometimes have stats much higher than normal, making me feel underpowerd. Is that just from team bonuses? Also, how has the meta changed? I remember when it used to be basically Webspinner. What kind of teams are the players using now?
Another thing I’ve been wondering is what was the general reaction of the community with all these changes?
Last question. I have many keys left, should I just open them or is there a reason to keep them?(I’m that kinda person who doesn’t use potions because I might need to use them later and then I never use them)

Thanks for the help.

Kingdoms at level 10 will give all your troops a stat bonus. So that might be increasing people’s stats.

The meta currently uses a lot of True Damage and Devour (Mostly from The Great Maw) as far as I can tell. Oh and Goblins.

I believe the general reaction to 2.0 was positive after the initial bugs were worked out. It’s still got some kinks with the PVP side of things that people discuss heatedly on the forums. (There are people in both camps)

Generally I don’t think it’s worth keeping the keys, unless a big patch or new kingdom is coming up. But someone else with more experience in that area might be able to comment on that as well

You might have missed a few kingdoms, so I’d use all keys now. One additional kingdom came with 2.0 and the major patch is only like 2 weeks old. No need to keep them now cause you can build up another huge stack before the next patch comes.

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There are also alot of skull generating teams out there… one of the most popular being

Mercy, Immortal king, bone dragon, sheggra

and lots of defense teams running Gorgotha

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Alright, thank you for the answers. I will be spending those keys now

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