Returning player

I played this game years ago when it was starting and stopped around the introduction of the underworld. I tried coming back a few times but always got overwhelmed by the amount of new content, feeling like it would take so long to get back to the meta.

So I’m wondering how the game is nowadays. I’ve seen there’s a system to craft some mythical and weapons. But still, will it take long to get a meta team? What even is the meta? There’s a lot of new content like dungeons and events which are confusing me.

I guess what I want to know is, what do I do?

What do you want to do? :slight_smile:

I’d recommend joining an active guild and getting tips from there as you go along.

The one daily I’d recommend is doing the dungeons, you’ll need the diamonds and the occasional dragonite. And check the adventure board daily for occasionally worthwhile prizes.

Everything else is really up to you. Very few troops come around that are must haves and you can get by pretty well with an older meta team. But you’ll want as many troops as possible to increase your kingdom power, which will get you more base stat points to make battles easier and more gems through tributes. For that, again, I’d recommend an active guild - the keys you’ll get from guild tasks will get you more troops. Guilds are also one of the best way to get more pets, which you’ll also need for kingdom power.

They’ve added a lot of different features in the game, lots of dailies/weeklies. I’d suggest easing into them - if you try to do it all, it will be too much.

I think the one difference from early GoW to now is that PvP has become a lot less important (from my point of view anyway). There’s so much else to do that PvP gets less attention now, so there’s less pressure to keep up with other players and the different metas that come and go.


Less PvP importance is a huge positive to me. And I know about how important guilds can be, but I have some classmates that might be interested in starting so I don’t know if I should be joining one now or create one for them.

And I’m not really sure what I “want” to do because I’m not even sure what all I can do. I would like more mythical and legendary troops.

Game is becoming more and more P2W than ever. Probably better off moving on and letting the game go.


That’s upsetting. How is it becoming p2w?

If you create a guild you probably have at least a year before you get anywhere near competitive brackets. It takes time to build a guild from the ground up and even more time ro climb ranks. Theres a brand new guild every single day minimum already anyway.

You posted with a Guild Wars tag so im assuming you want to be competitive in GW. Meta teams arent really a thing for attack teams from my observations. There are plenty of meta defense teams. If thats your goal you have quite a long time/money to build your stats to be competitive.

Actually I used the tag because I read guild Wars but thought Gems of Ear and thought it was a general tag

Stay away and don’t get suckered back in. I quit for 2 years then returned 2 years ago. All Delves complete. 3 missing troops. 8 Hero classes left. Kingdom levels 16ish. Can definately play any game mode easily but the “gotta catch them all” syndrome is toxic.

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While there’s a lot more monetization options, I would not say the game is P2W, especially when compared to other games in the genre.

Play how you want and don’t get too far into FOMO and you can have a great time! I still do :smile:


How many friends do you plan to recruit? As an alternative to creating your own guild, you could look through the recruitment section of the forum for a guild that’s trying to recruit multiple players or merge with another guild.

I got the feeling they won’t commit so I won’t worry about it

On building out your roster:

  • Most troops are acquired from chests. The main way to get keys is to be part of a guild that’s active enough to complete tasks and reach 40000 seals.
  • Use event keys strategically, e.g. when you’re missing legendaries from the weekly featured kingdom.
  • During vault weekends, grind explore at difficulty 1. You’ll get lots of glory (for chest troops), chaos shards (for faction troops), and vault keys (for Tarot and Vault troops).
  • Learn which troops/weapons are exclusive to the soulforge. Soulforge resources are rare.
    • Faction weapons can be purchased using gems during faction assault events.
    • Doom weapons can be purchased using gems during tower of doom events.
  • Save orbs of power to craft endgame troops.
    • Save orbs of ascension (blue) to craft orbs of power.