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Thinking about coming back after years

So I started playing fairly early in the game. even before the release of the frost kingdom of gians that I have long since forgotten the name. I played until a few mythics were released. But it’s been so long that despite wanting to play, I know so much content has been released that the sheer overwhelmingness halts me from even checking what is new.

Another thing that drove me away from the game was the great focus on PvP and guild and guild PvP. I really enjoyed it when I could play at my own pace, ie: not have to feel forced to play every week. I did have fun a bit with a guild, but its always felt so forced.

So in short, I’m thinking about coming back, but since I have plenty of other games to play and things to do, I don’t want to dedicate so hard to it. Is it even worth coming back? Are there any guilds that don’t care about placement and participating on PvP stuff?

Also, has there been anything entirely exclusive that I would no longer be able to acquire? Because that would make feel more uninterested in coming back.

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There is nothing in the current game that is pay walled(Campaign weapons and mythics can be crafted after the campaign) But having said that, the waiting period for new weapons or to collect all mythics is longer. I would argue you only need a select set of weapons and mythics to be very successful in the game.

I’m not sure what you mean by requiring pvp, unless you mean gold accumulation and thus having to play pvp to keep up with the gold reqs. There are guilds for all playstyles and levels so you should always pick a guild that suits your play level, not play to the level of the guild you choose.

The great thing about gems is you can play a lot of different modes daily and not really be held back game wise. Contrary to popular belief, you aren’t forced to play any one mode, you just have to find a guild that let’s you play the game at your pace.

We have guilds that might be up your alley in our network so if you are interested feel free to send me DM.


Same here regarding casual guilds (Prancy Pants, if you want to look it up). What @ButtStallion sums it up nicely. While there is a ton more content/troops/etc, nothing is unattainable and you can obtain them by playing by yourself or as part of a guild (guild being exponentially faster).

As I mentioned in another post, there are numerous different modes that you can orient yourself around. There are some that play a single mode exclusively, like treasure hunt, and those that don’t miss a single event, and those that fall between.

If you don’t mind it, joining a guild, especially a helpful and casual guild (like Prancy Pants) will help you navigate new content and progress in the game.


Simple answer, No, best left alone. Wish I had the willpower to leave. Anyone with any gaming self respect would avoid this game. Never ever think about coming back.


We all wish you would leave too don’t worry.

I think any player like Freddy should leave the game. There is nothing forcing them to play the game.

Gems is a great game that isn’t gated by a paywall and allows you to play as much or as little as you want. If that’s not your thing, you know where the door is. No need to annouce your exit.

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Heya Luc.
Lots of us are still here. With the addition of many different ways to get trophies, sometimes i don’t even touch pvp at all. But unless you go super hard, all the time, there’s no way to keep up with everything anymore.

There’s something every single day, sometimes guild wars, guild event, and insert cosmetic pet or gnome weekend or… all on one day. Plus dungeons and delves and adventure board, and don’t forget faction events and class trials and…

My guild still requires basic reqs so that we’re guaranteed to get that weeks’ rewards. Others require almost nothing, yet still max out at least basic tasks.

Tl;dr there’s lots going on, but if you’re not trying to complete the whole set of troops, weapons, and pets, there’s still a good amount of fun to be had.


Buy an xbox x and leave this money grab bug fest in the past. Any fond memories you have of the game will quickly dissipate within a couple of games after reinstall.

Jesus Christ I feel sorry for you. Hope you get the help you need


Not really major, but the weapons in the weekly shop offers are still only available with cash (e.g. Crescendo, Eternal Flame, Yasmine’s Chalice) – that’s been like that for ages, though. The argument is that none of them are ‘meta’ or essential for playing the game (I still wouldn’t mind the option, though!). Just wanting to be technically correct :sweat_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:.

I’d probably argue that the crafting costs of previous Doomed weapons are a little bit prohibitive for any new or returning player, esp. including wait times and the absence of Forge scrolls, although definitely not “entirely exclusive” as asked about. Wait times for other useful weapons can also be a bit crappy for some of the newbies in my guild.


Doomed Axe, available this week: 60k Souls, 2200 Yellow Gems*, 900 Diamonds, 10 Celestials. …And 55 Yellow Forge Scrolls to fully upgrade that new players probably can’t get anytime soon.

Edit: *Topaz

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ok, so to state things as simple as i can:

  • there’s a lot more stuff to do ingame, other than pvp
  • you can always play on your own pace
  • guilds currently focus mainly on doing world events weekly and doing as much tasks as possible in a week, that itself implies requiring from players some kind of weekly activity -> at least to do “a fair share” of work to get the event rewards
  • apart from some weapons that aren’t used at all (by majority of players), there aren’t any things that you cant get - so you probably wouldn’t feel missing anything exclusive (unless you hava a collector nature and would like to have them ALL)

So basicaly:

  • you can always play at your own pace
  • if you wont play every week, you’re probably better without guild or join an inactive one
  • not playing every week (or at least not check-in every week) might make you miss oportunity to catch-up and get some good troops/weapons which might be craftable during that week - they will show up again, some time in future, but it might take almost a year to show up again…

I would recomend logging in and checking how game evolved in last few years. You will judge it yourself, if it’s worth comming back or not.
If you have any questions, you can always catch me in-game on channel 774 or message me on forums


Thank you all for your replies. @ButtStallion set me up in one of his guilds and I’m slowly getting back to it. Despite still feeling a bit overwhelmed, I’ll be taking it slowly, and the guild is there to help me.


It sounds like you enjoy the game at the fullest, but too hard to admit…

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