Coming back after 500+ days, so much stuff

A friend on Saturday posted a GoW screenshot on twitter and I thought I’d pop in to see what was what and see if I could catch up. In the days since:

Unlocked 5ish new kingdoms.
Opened a stash of 24,000 gold chests and 6,000 glory chests from when I quit (ow my wrist).
Spent 4-5 hours leveling up and traiting the dozens and dozens of new troops. The mass ascend button was handy.
Worked through story quests for new kingdoms and new quests on old kingdoms, unlocking soul forge and underworld and a few new classes
(side note: My bomb team still made short work of quest fights on normal, Elspeth - Bombot - Troglodyte - Hero w/ Jewel)
All those quests helped unlock levels in Soulforge, though I wish it leveled up automatically instead of having to stop doing quests to go unlock, lost a good bit of fight credit to that.
Popped into the underworld with no clue what ‘delving’ was, but unlocked and did story for each. Picked one at random and did 3 delves.
Did the 3 Dungeon fights, which I guess I’ll do daily forever now. (side note: My ‘praise the sun’ team still works wonders here, Annointed One - Hellcat - Mercy - Sekhma)
Grinded some PVP to get to tier 1 (twice, once Sunday and again Monday after reset). “Praise the sun” was enough for the 2-trophy fights.
PVP got me some ingots, looked into what those were and started upgrading my common weapons.

At this point I took all the gold i’d earned and put into right back into gold chests. Except for Skulk Fang (which I think I missed in my initial barrage), all commons are at Mythic. Woo! (Excluding guild troops) And all but 29 of the rares are Mythic. Woo again! (excluding troops from delves)

I remembered Lyya’s awesome website for tracking stuff, so got that synched back up. For troops I have (still missing plenty of legendary and mythics) looks like I only need about 260 traitstones (102 of which are red/yellow)

Looking at kingdom levels, they all seem to be gated by upgrading weapons or obtaining pets. Weapons are just going to take a while from what I can see (I did all the common weapons fast enough, beyond that though… long haul). Pets seem rare?? I got one from an event yesterday and scored one from a random surprise in PVP.

I guess next is looking into a low key guild. Guild wars is what drove me away back then and I’m hesitant to get back into that slogfest. Also gotta figure out what to do with factions, if I should focus on one or spread around. What is point of leveling them up? Is it worth ascending things like gold chalice?

edit: Also, gotta look into hero classes. All these perks, especially with weapons being upgradable, opens up a lot of combinations that didn’t really work before.


At least GW is only monthly now. :wink:
If you have discord and want to join a zero Requirements guild for the time being then feel free to join our server.

Rasper! My old friend, I hope you are good!

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Welcome back! Joining an active guild will help with this, since when one of the guild members runs into a pet gnome the whole guild gets the rescue :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh that is good to know! So much to learn.

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While you were away the devs have written very informative game guides which should cover most of your questions

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Welcome back! Hero is quite viable in many cases now, thanks to those talent trees. I would recommend spending gems (if you have them) on some faction weapons, particularly Jar of Eyes (from All-Seeing Eye delve), during faction events. Leveling Thief class will also be quite helpful, and the class weapon there, Rope Dart, is another must-have.

The weapon for getting 250 wins with the Thief class is the Skeleton Key. The Rope Dart is an old event weapon and won’t be available for now.

You are quite right - my mistake. But Skeleton Key is good too! :grin:

Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in. :laughing:

The PvE elements of the game have improved so much: factions, delving, dungeons, invasions, etc…

The PvP element of the game has become such a retched cesspool. It was kinda fun climbing to Tier 1, and then… bam. Who thought that adding the ability to transform an opponent’s troop would ever be a fun mechanic to play against? That, along with a myriad of other annoying things in PvP defense teams, completely sucked every ounce of enthusiasm out of the game.


By the way, if you feel like zoning out and doing low-risk Delves ever, you should leave a particular faction at level 20 forever. This includes skipping that faction’s weekly event, since that counts towards raising levels just like a normal Delve does. You could go the Shimrra route and get all the factions to level 500, but means you lose the ability to relax while Delving.

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You don’t need to skip the weekly event - just run away instead of fighting the boss room. Still get some rewards this way…


I came back too… As i figured i would. I started all over though and now im seriously debating wether to go back to my orig account…Im having fun but i forgot what a pain leveling kingdoms was and having to unlock them all.

One thing i am estastic about is guild wars being once a month. I said before i knew this that i would not mess around with it as it was such a pain before! Now, well now i might have a little fun with it.

Now that there is more to do i may not get burnt out so quick…

Downside, everyone I knew has not started back up so here I am all lonely like…


Bring back the Don!


Was Rasper the leader of a Sicilian guild?

Edit for useful content: you can keep a faction at level 20 during its Tuesday Delve event by one of several means. One is to ignore the event entirely. Another is to run away before the boss room at level 20. The third is to beat level 20, but run away before the boss room at level 30. Of those three, only ignoring is foolproof. With the other two methods, you can accidentally push yourself past 20 if you aren’t paying attention.

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Haha no. I was replying to @Theina about their former GL.