Returning player: help

I started playing back in late 2015 but then went on a loooog hiatus. When I quit Goblins were still unstoppable and traitstones weren’t a thing, much less Mythic and hero classes.

Here’s the thing. I kept logging in and my guild never bothered kicking me out, which means that for most of this time I’ve been leeching off rewards. As a result, and in spite of no playing at all, I find myself level 60, with basically all units purple or better (except a few like Green Seer, for some reason). To top this off, I’ve lucked out on legendaries recently, having pulled Khorvash, Mab and Bone Dragon.

Unfortunately, I have no traitstones and no idea what to do with my cards. I’m running a Bombot comp for fast farming, and I have a partially leveled Khorvash/Valk/Mab/Mercy group going, but mostly I’m fumbling around.

Can anyone point me somewhere I can get my feet under me, understand how comps work today, and what decent teams I can make with good but untraited units? PvP isn’t really my concern right now, I’m still working on getting all my kingdoms to 10 :D.

edit: here’s a link to my collection

Welcome back!

This thread might give you some ideas for teams (though some will require traits):

If you sign up on ashtender and use the My Collection feature you should be able to share a link that lists all your current troops that might make it easier for people to suggest teams etc.

Grab the guild guardians if you haven’t some of them are used in a lot of teams, and they don’t really need traiting. (Justice and Courage are the two prominent ones I believe)

Thanks! I just signed up on ashtender and linked my collection in the OP.