Coming back after a really long time. My teams are no longer good!

No true shot, no 4x Giants team with Jarl leading…I am getting stomped in PvP. But I can’t remember the teams that beat me. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, some returning player questions:
What are some of the dominant teams?
What features did I miss? ( I really need to catch up on hero classes. )
My friend told me there’s Live PVP now. Is that a joke?

About live PvP - its a joke.
Until you catch up use troops that corespond with current even since those will be boosted.

I still have hundreds of gems, max armor set, pretty much every troop from a long time ago. I just don’t know what combination to put them in!

Not many of the old troops are still used very often.
As for main damage parts only old troops still used are bone dragon and crimson bat.
Dont know which new troops you got but there are plenty of good ones so i cant compose a team without seeing which troops you have.

Well I think checking up on Tacet the Terror’s YouTube videos on teams will usually give you what the meta is.

I don’t know how long ago you left but there are still some old troops being used, but one that I know is old - Bone Dragon - has seen a resurgence and combos well with Deep Borer, there are definiely some skull spam teams around. Here’s some in this video:

Also wouldn’t hurt to use some keys and get some current troops.

Valkyrie, Justice and a fully traited Queen Mab will destroy just about anything and you can put just about anything in first slot.

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Sorry i have to bring you the news, this game turned from strategy into flavor of the month based, devs are released extremely op troops to counter every past extremely op troop release and refuse to nerf anything apart from the little bits even they cant defend anymore. (kraken for instance) so the best you can do is use a cheese team, it wont be personal or fun anymore to play but atleast you can win. Untill you get the extremely op fotm cards yourself i suggest you make a bonedragon team with a card that has stun on skull hit in front such as rocktroll, he also has 50% skull dmg reduction and summons more browns for BD, oh and he cant be devoured. I use rock troll with bd in my pvp team and its the only thing that still works against these fotm decks because i too dont own any fotm cards of my own. Hope this helps you as much as it helped me. Greets. -wskill.

TFW you see an icon and a paragraph and know exactly what it’ll say before you read it, but then you read it anyway.


tfw its the truth.

Was it someone saying they don’t have any fotm cards, but use Bone Dragon?

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