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Some Game Questions after "returning" XBOX1

Hello everyone, my english issnt the best.
I hope you will understand my questions.

I returned after a pause.

Now I’m a bit out of knowledge…

Leveled and raised some troope. Had many spare cards never sacrificed for souls (lucky me).

Now, it seems like there is only one playable Team. Well some others. sure… but this team
seams to be unbeatable … Goblin, Boar Riders, Goblin Shaman, Rocket Goblin.

Sometimes the opponent not even gets one Turn. Everything has Huge Numbers of Skills now…
40 life, 20 attack, 20 amor, hugh amount of Magic… looks different but feels the same…
Like in WoW… bigger Numbers, no difference… well… supports pay to win players I guess.
But like I said, lucky me had a lot of unsacrified cards so I have some good troops too.

8/10 PVP matches are mirror matches. (Opponent uses the same Deck)
So I guess this is the “you have to play this or nothing deck” now ?

  1. Are there viable other options ?

What about Kingdoms ? (Level 10 gives + 1 anything) ok, you can “star” your kingdom by raising troops,
traitstone them and and and… ok… understood this, but

  1. Is there a List where wich traitstone drops ? Or is it luck, can any stone drop everywhere ?
    Or do you play a specific map (challenge) / Treasuere Map ???

  2. Homekingdom (good for anything ?)

  3. The Hero seemed to be useless now, Monsters are much much stronger…
    (Ok, last patch changed this… there are Classes now) looks nice… What class
    would you recommend for my deck ? (Goblin, Boar Riders, Goblin Shaman, Rocket Goblin) ?
    Is there a list with all classes and there bonuses + weapon after 250 wins ?

  4. What do you do ? Well once a week I go to rank 1 … and then ?

  5. New keys… I can still buy a new unit every week, ok … but what is with new weapons ?
    Somewhere I read… you can buy one every week for 5$ … I cant find that deal… Only
    have a kingdom deal for 50$ with an legendary unit… Where can I find new weapons… good
    weapons… the ones I have so far are all pretty useless compared to monster skills.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

  1. All traitstone drops are random unless you’re doing Quests or Challenges, those stone drops coincide with their kingdom’s banner colors. (Adana = Red/Yellow, Broken Spire = Blue/Brown, etc.)
    Here’s a handy link: http://community.gemsofwar.com/t/3988

  2. Your Home Kingdom doubles that kingdom’s tribute amount when it actually happens to tribute. Besides this, it has no unique purpose.

  3. Sorcerer and Archer are (arguably) the best classes. I’d say Goblin is the most replaceable troop.
    Here’s another handy link: http://ashtender.com/gems/classes

  4. I play on PC/Mobile, and thanks to the latest update I’ve started to play more often than previously. Before that, I only ranked up to 1 then occasionally played Arena or Treasure Maps throughout the week.

  5. The Console’s Shop has been experiencing quite a few bugs and hiccups lately. No guarantee on when you’ll be able to see everything offered.

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We recently released a major update for the Xbox One version of Gems of War, that changed quite a few things, so you may also want to take a look at this thread: Hero Class update hits consoles, bringing new content and plenty of bug fixes

Hello! @Zelfore gave a really good answer, but I thought I’d throw out a few helpful tips and thoughts as well.

The goblin team is a fine team - but by no means the best. It’s a very strong team that can be made with very readily available cards - which makes it popular. But here are several ways you can build a team to stomp those goblins.

1 - As a first step, I’d suggest running a team that removes green gems. if you can deny the goblins their green, they can stall out.

2 - If you can get the Gob-Chomper, he’s literally made to crush those goblin teams!

3 - Use an armored or stoneskin troop up top (25% or 50% reducetion in skull damage), and leave skulls for your opponent to match. This exploins the AI a bit - prevents them from getting mana and instead encourages them to waste their time on tiny skull attacks. You can also try this with entangle - the AI will still match skulls even if entangled.

4 - Try picking a favorite epic card you have (Rowanne, Luther, Tau, Tyri, Anointed One, etc) and build a team around it. Combine with a gem transformer / creator who will help it to fire more frequently, and go to town.

A big part of the strength of goblins is that the AI can play it well. Goblins just hit medium hard with no particular strategy or focus. You can be smarter than that. Take out whatever the strongest part of their combo is, depending on the board. With one piece gone they will often start to fall apart.

Other than specific team compositions, you should be sure to level your kingdoms to 5 or 6 ASAP - this will increase your tribute a bunch, and won’t cost much gold at all. Then focus on getting a few kingdoms to level 10 for the stat increase - magic kingdoms are most important! (Attack kingdoms are second most important!)

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The other answers are good, but I also created a guide here that answers many of your questions:


Also if you can get a troop with freeze ability that will prevent all the extra turn and slow them a little

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