What are the advantages of 1 man guilds ?

During Guild Wars sometimes I see 1 man guilds, in that the guild consists solely of 1 member I assume by choice, if that is indeed the case then what are the advantages to being in your own guild as opposed to being in a guild with other people ?

PS: Thanks for the replies, I thought there was some kind of tangible advantage like the damage to get to the next tier of rewards scales with the number of people in the guild so that a guild of one “dedicated” player was better off than a guild of 1 “dedicated” player + 9 people who log in once per week.
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could be farming gold a high lvl in low level guild can make 5k gold per battle


Most of the ones I’ve come across are under level 500 and have been paying for years. I’m always surprised to see them active in GW too. Judging by the GW scores I think they just don’t know how the game works and don’t know how or don’t want to look for help.

I played these days 2 weeks with a 1 man guild, 70pvp points are nice and 6000 gold for a 3trophy fight. You get not spammed with random guildinvites :wink: