Any reason for small guilds to play guild wars?

Our ranking last week was 1521. We won each day and were the top of our tier. I figured the whole thing went by total points so we’d be above all the people in the higher tiers that scored 0. Not so I guess. We did move up to 1200 this week, but I don’t really see us moving much higher (4 players in the guild). So my question is this; is there any reason to actually fight the battles? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just join each week and do nothing? We end up with the same end of week rewards, and we’d probably get more seals doing arena or max explore battles. Maybe I’m missing something, but I can’t see a reason to put in much effort to win.


In your case, it’s not worth the effort.

If you want to go places in this game you and the other three players should hop ship and join a better guild. Something in the top 100. See if there’s enough spots for you all.

There are still casual guilds that have low requirements but the people that you need.

Harsh but true and I hate it. You aren’t rewarded for how much you play but rather how much everyone else does. So good luck!!


You offer a very interesting perspective. I think the 4 of may want to join a more active guild so you can climb the ranks in GW. DruidsVale is recruiting! :rocket:

As for signing up, not playing, and still getting a new troop? Personally I really like this aspect of guild wars :slight_smile: I appreciate that the developers are giving everybody a chance to get some of the benefits.

We are two days old and we are close to maxing six statues!


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Also note that as far as I can tell, the GW fights are actually ranked PVP battles that just happen to also get scored for GW. You get gold, traitstones, souls, trophies, ranked PVP points etc.

So if you’re going to do more than 5 PVP fights a day, it doesn’t hurt anything to make them GW fights. If not, then as you say you collect some rewards just for registering.


As Gortus mentioned, they do count for Ranked PVP, so if you’re doing that anyways, you might as well do your 5 battles in GW (and not worry about colour bonuses unless you want to) each week. You don’t lose anything from it, and I think if you can break the top 1000 then your rewards get slightly better.


There is no downside to signing up and doing your battles. You get all the same stuff as Ranked PVP plus you get more free stuff even if you finish in last place. You don’t even have to do your battles and you still get free extra stuff.

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As someone posted above, they are just 5 pvp battles… so if you do those a day, why not do the guild wars ones?

And eventually you’ll end up in a bracket with guilds that are just as participating as yours, so you win some, lose some, but you get to enjoy the bonus XP for winning the daily battles (when you do win).

That is all purely guild wars speaking…
You would do yourselfs a big favor if you all joined a top 500 or so guild, as they normally give more buffs and bonuses, and finish more tasks every week, giving more keys and chances at getting the good cards…


Furthering this, if you DO win the battles, that’s in theory an extra couple hundred seals for your guild (that you might not have gotten if you win later in the week once you’re already capped), which could help to getting to a higher guild chest tier. It’s minor yes, but still something.


Sorry if it was mentioned and I missed: you have to actually fight in GW to get the rewards. But one battle in a week is enough for this purpose.