Why are one man guilds allowed to enter guild wars?


Have a guild today in gw that consists of only 1 person. Means he was in all slots. Unfortunately his 9k+ team* excludes half of the guild from wanting to participate (my guild has level 200-1100 players but 60% are below 500).
Where’s the fun for them?
Why is that in the guild wars pool?
And why matching that with us? One,two, three man guilds could enjoy each other.


This is a recorded transmission from the Forums' Elite-Meme:

This doesn't affects the Elite players on the top 10 Brackets in GW, therefore it's irrelevant. We hope you don't bring this up again as GW is perfect for the only players who matters, which are the ones on the top 10 Brackets. Have a good day/afternoon/night sir/madam/combat-helicopter.

Ahem, bad jokes aside…

What if the GW would only pair guilds with an average number of players? Maybe something like:

  • 1~5 members.
  • 6~10 members.
  • 11~20 members.
  • 21~30 members.

There is a chance that some guilds could be assembled with a max of five high-level players trying to win over smaller guilds, but a guild with six to ten players could probably perform better as they have numbers to earn higher score against similar guilds. Without knowing all the small secrets about how scores are calculated, something only the devs know for sure (i assume), i can’t really tell if this would be viable or not, but at first glance i think it could work.

I always wondered if we could have a voting system.

All members of the guild vote 5 people who can represent the guild.
Any guild with less than 5 member get excluded automatically.

This will take pressure off from the people who don’t like guild wars and at the same time pressure from having 30 members to reach the highest score.

Of course more thought is needed on the process itself but it’s just a thought that occurred to me at one point.

I guess it does kinda make sense to me that you’d need 5 people to participate, given the 5 (GW) ranks. Having a person double up in any of the positions is kinda like saying they can be in multiple place at once.

You could at least make that same person’s troops retain damage/deaths :stuck_out_tongue: (not yours, though), so that if you lose, you have a better chance in the next fight - and once beaten, you win the rest of the battles with max score (this would have balancing issues, re: high scores, changing guilds, or giving an advantage over not facing 1-man guilds - but the point differential could help you outstrip them).

Or we could apply the same bracket ‘jumping’ feature to guilds that perform significantly worse than others, and move them down multiple brackets.

I assumed that you’d need at least 5 people in the guild to be able to enter guild wars. Well, before today, that is.

Don’t even know what the benefits are to be a sologuild.

I like that idea, like in the Delves.
Just that the defender keeps the losses.

They’d vote the toughest. It is in their very own interest not to be invaded. Random is better. But that requires enough material to randomize xD

I think people who don’t like gw won’t fit in guilds that want people to participate in gw. But there are plenty guilds out there that are very relaxed about this. It’s no requirement in mine. Everyone should have fun and do what he likes.
Ambitious people just create their own chores :wink:

Maybe less categories, like 1-5 member guilds get paired among themselves and then there’s the rest.