GWs scoring with less than 30

it can be incredibly difficult to keep a 30 player 30 battle roster every GW week. Then in the upper GW brackets once you loose a player, that’s it, your guild just lost.

can we please have the final GW score calculated on the top 2_ number of players? people may disagree on how many players should be taken into the final score but i think most people would agree that having at least 1 slot that can have a RL calamity and not doom the guild is preferable.

personally i think taking the top 28 player scores is ideal, but i would settle for 29, anything less than 30.


We have had a few times, and I know its happened to other B1 guilds on PC/Mobile recently.

1 player that goes inactive, leaves, is banned, whatever the reason it, is results in the guild ending up last in the bracket and everyone else ends up with a loss of rewards.

Not taking it from the full 30 would mean that not everyone is punished for 1 person not being around in a game.

Would also most likely reduce burnout in a lot of top players as well.


It’s Not a Bug …….

it’s a “Feature”

But how we will be able to beat our record if score is caculate for 29 player only? :slight_smile:



From Sirrian July 2017:

What is changing in the FUTURE for Guild Wars?

We’ve identified a few areas to change that WILL require a client update. This will NOT be in 3.1… we’ve got quite enough OTHER stuff going into that one, without the extra work! We may have a 3.1.5 shortly after 3.1 launches to add these. This is still in discussion.

The first thing is something you all talked about and seemed in agreement on (amazingly!), and it was only counting the top 27 players for score. We’re quite willing to experiment with that, but it WILL require a client update.


yes as a gm myself i would appriciat that only 27 or 28 top players count for the score .i think its a must have for guild wars because as huge ogre said before real life allways comes first and something can allways hinder you from playing.

A guild member just had his father pass away yesterday. He apologized to me saying he will have to wait to do his guild wars until the weekend. I wish I had the luxury of telling him not to worry about doing his matches at all.
Unfortunately, as Saluki posted already. The devs had the OP’s idea already. They seem to have abaddoned the idea though. I’m guessing they decided it wasn’t worth the energy or cost to code. Guild wars is the oldest and still the most bugged guild event in the game. I truly believe the devs wish they could just get rid of it completely.

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Apparently, there are more bugs in the Update 4.2.5.
I was about to start Guild Wars, but people warned me that there is a risk that I can lose by winning.
Also, when I scouted the enemy team, enemy Hero had only a Hero card, but no class abilities or traits.

So, I don’t know what class the enemy Hero is, if it’s fully traited, and how many of it’s abilities are active, and which ones.

There was also a bug, if you remember, Total Battles counter did not show an accurate amount of battles, either for a player or the Guild, even if you did all of them. Was that fixed already?

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No, it still happens that one battle is sometimes not taken into account in the total of battles played and that as a consequence the total score of the guild is wrong.

I haven’t checked the Bug forum to see the status of this, but I heard it’s Android only. I fought a team with a classless hero on ios (iphone) and won and got the win counted.

Had no issues on PC. I won’t be a guinea pig on Android. This wouldn’t be the first time that crashes only happen on Android though. The Hopes crescent bug was related on only Android devices and did cost me a GW loss.

This is a very real problem. Bit us in the arse this week. Plus we have a member who is in the hospital with a stroke. Not fair to penalize the whole guild. Could always take the 25 highest scores or so …or drop the 5 highest and 5 lowest and average the other 20 for a nice round easy calculation


this is a perfect example of RL emergency situation that is totally outside the game, that effects the game because of the must have 30 player situation in GWs

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And again, someone left mid GW week, without a decent reason. Was no family emergency or anything like that, just wanted to go elsewhere. And now because of that, everyone else in the guild will suffer.

It is not right to have to ask people to play the game when in hospo, or moving internationally, or when there is a death, all because you as a guild want to stay competitive.

Yes it would limit the range of scores in top brackets, but it would also reduce player burnout, as people arent being forced to play during GW weeks, which in turn builds good will with players and allows more revenue to flow in.

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I like this idea @HugeOgre. Don’t they do a similar thing in sports like the Olympics even? Maybe even have the top score and lowest score removed. Just a thought

Agree - it’s very hard on a team to lose on the absconding of 1 player

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admin of a B1 guild PC and monday we had to change 1 player becouse he left without say nothing to us, many players have life and have problems so we can’t always be at full count. top guild also can’t think of recruiting low level players becouse all players have to make good scores and we can’t recruit help and grow good players becouse they can’t have all troups and can’t make good scores


I like this wagon, it’s the next one I’ll jump on.

It’s hard to get 5 people together for a D&D session. Keeping 30 people motivated and focused on one guild for 7 days is impossible. If the B1 guilds are complaining, it’s even harder for the lower guilds. I know in ours it’s fairly typical to have 2-3 slots freed up over the week. Life happens, people burn out, etc.


No. That’s because it’s the judges giving scores, other reasons could affect judges’ opinion.
GW scores are calculated with formula. No need to remove highest score.