Top 27 Guild Wars Score Implementation

Hey folks!

There was a proposed changing of Guild Wars scoring in 2017 that would take the top 27 scores from each guild instead of all 30 that was never implemented. I’m here to suggest that this change actually does get added to the game asap to even the playing field.

In the current state of Guild Wars, a team is immediately out of contention if they are down even ONE player. We’re unable to replace a player come Tuesday, so there is essentially nothing that can be done. There are many legitimate reasons (and a few with malicious intent) that a guild would be down a player or two. Implementing the top 27 scores would solve many issues for many guild leaders, and overall make GW a much more competitive event. Most players have only kept playing Gems of War to play GW, as it’s currently the only competitive and skill-based event left.

Why should 29 dedicated members who put in hours and hours of effort immediately be docked and out of contention if one person is on vacation, in the hospital, has a power outage, doesn’t log in, or any one of the thousands of reasons a guild could be down one player? What if they have a new recruit or two who’s in a higher bracket for the first time and needs an adjustment period? What if one person decides to leave on Tuesday, out of spite, to punish the guild? Should the entire guild suffer for any of these reasons? I have spoken with many of the top ranked guild’s leaders and we all agree that this idea of top 27 scores in GW is The Best way to fix the current state of the event, and would generate a lot of interest and support. A change is long overdue, and some have suggested that even a top 25 implementation would be better. The idea has been presented in the past, so let’s all try to make this a reality!

Post below if you agree or if you feel I have missed some important points on why this change is badly needed. I appreciate any and all support on this matter, folks, and I hope that we can get this done before next GW.



No thanks, I like it the way it is.


We tried once. It never happened. It’s too much work for their team to do.

How does the current state of the event benefit players or guilds?

Are you saying that you’d prefer to be immediately out of contention if a player is on vacation, leaves, or was unable to play?

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That was two years ago, right?

Maybe they’re able to do it now?

They said the same about selecting classes for individual teams, but they were able to make that happen. Surely they can do something to improve the quality of life on Guild Wars for all guilds.

Guild wars does not make money for them like the other events do.

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Yet, they made the class change for individual teams that is supported in GW?

Do you support this change of Top 27?

If so, please show your support and feel free to elaborate on why it’s needed.

Thanks, man.


I think I like it the way it is. Makes it more of a challenge when you’re a man down. And it’s only once a month so for a few gems I don’t really think it matters.
Especially end gamers in the top guilds that have everything.
Does it really matter that much?

I think for many players Guild Wars is the only thing that drives them to level classes, attempt to get new troops, and do delves and other events for resources. So although Guild Wars doesn’t directly benefit the developers, the competition drives players to continue to spend on other aspects of the game to boost their accounts.


It also rarely matters how hard the other players perform in a guild once a player drops. To make up 45-55k points is extremely difficult, especially when most players are doing their best already. If two were to drop out it would be impossible to make up that deficit.


As a member of The Guild of Thieves on Xbox with I want to say 54 first place guild war victories, it’s not a problem. Last GW we had a member accidentally quit the guild thanks to his 5 year old so we were down to 29. We dealt with it and still won. All 30 scores counting works well for us because we are well organized and extremely well guild mastered, and that gives us a competitive advantage. And I don’t like change :scream:

So essentially what you’re saying is that this change would make it more competitive and you would lose your advantage?

This change wouldn’t negatively effect your guild’s scores, but it would help other guilds who are at an immediate disadvantage by being down a player or two. That’s the whole point. In the rare case that one or two guilds can overcome a player deficit and still take first place, it isn’t that big of a deal, but that doesn’t speak for the remaining 18-19 guilds in the top 2 brackets.

Change is good if it benefits all. Your standpoint seems biased from only your guild’s perspective. This change is to improve the quality of life for all guilds, and increase the competitiveness of the event by evening the playing field a bit.


It matters more when you’re trying to win rather than stay in your current bracket and not drop.

If your goal is to stay in your current bracket, it is definitely possible to do that if you’re down a player. If your goal is to take first place in your bracket, the odds are very slim if you’re missing even one.

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I totally agree with this proposal. It should be taken into consideration by the developer team ASAP. Calculating the daily total Guild score by implementing the top 25 or 27 scores will certainly solve many issues and improve the FAIR competition among Guilds during this event. A simple change in score calculation system seems to be easily applicable and I am sure that this change will be appreciated by the majority of players who really enjoy the competition in Guild Wars.


It Would be a awsome thing if they do it. Would help newer guild members feel less pressure in higher-up Gws brackets. Alow also for real life issues such as emergencys or just day to day stuff . Not cool to see someone go mia during Gws or a rage quit. But these things happen all to offten. This Would help to correct it. Honestly not fair to lose a bracket rank because of 1 or 2 mia players out of 30


I agree
I don’t want to be the ball on the foot for my guild if i am in hollidays at the GW week

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I was supportive of this idea back in 2017 and I support it now. Especially since long term players seem to be taking a break, we do have fresh-to-Bracket 1 members joining us. Only counting the top 27 scores would help them learn how Bracket 1 operates and take the pressure off as BJ mentioned above.
Even if this is implemented though, don’t get your hopes up that you’re going to get any closer to beating Phreekz :wink:

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It takes a lot of organization to even get close to them, let alone beat them! However, being down one player immediately makes it impossible. This will even the playing field all around, for all guilds, in all brackets, and takes a little pressure off of new or less competitive players.

Phreekz are freaks! They’re outrageously good, and this implementation wouldn’t hurt them one bit, it will make them harder to beat, but it gives everybody a fair chance at it.

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Yes, sir!

Very well put!

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Why does a full guild get punished and have 3 scores thrown out because you can’t keep a full guild yourself? GW is my favorite mode, but it comes around only once per month. If it was the only event like in 2017, then you probably would see something like what you suggest implemented. As it stands now and as others have said GW doesn’t play a big role in the overall game experience for most players. Therefore, the devs will be focusing their attention on other areas of the game (particularly those that generate revenue).