Guilds with fewer than 5 people should not be able to do Guild wars

I have fought many teams where it is just the same person for the first four people and then the last one is different.
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I think a simple solution to not have to fight the same person over and over would be to make it so if there are less than 5 people in the guild they can’t do guild wars.

Another solution is that each player can only cover one slot, so if there are only 2 people in their guild then the first 3 fights are free max wins.

Currently having fewer people can be very powerful versus small guilds(5-10) because they can have a super powerful team for defense all the way through, where bigger guilds are less likely to have good defense for the first few defenders.


You might lose more games than you’re used to, but you’re still never going to lose the daily war with 9 players against 2, nor are they going to beat you in the total rankings so I’m not sure what the problem is?


I corrected the title as it was bugging me…

I agree with the OP that (just conceptually) you should need at least five players for GW… else the enemy cannot meaningfully do five battles…

There may be issues with people leaving mid-week though (what if a six person guild loses two members on Tuesday?), so devs probably didn’t bother with the restrictions…

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