One player in the enemy guild

It means that there is only one player in the guild of the enemy?


That sounds reasonable, especially since the guild only has 5 battles today. Enjoy your 50 guild seals!


How did he get into the 100 rating if he is 1 person in the guild?

@Saltypatra, do you have records of when players leave guilds? Was there some sort of mass exodus from that guild? Because there’s no way for one person to score more than 50,000 points in a week, let alone 500,000 in less than that.

Edit: wait. I assumed that this person was in Palladium. Are they the 100th-ranked guild? Because that’s a more normal 1-person score. It does still suggest that everyone fled to a different guild, though.

Palladium is the op’s guild. It has a full 30 members

It’s about the guild Fussel GmbH (see all screenshots)

I can tell you, that this was a full guild 2-3 weeks ago. Their leaders abandoned the guild and everyone else left the sinking ship. I guess there is one player left who doesn’t want to quit.
So Fussel GmbH will slowly move down the ranks, unless something changes. Kinda tragic.