Guilds of 1, a question

I’m in one, my guild of 1/30. I have been in it since I started playing semi-close to launch on console. I enjoy the perks of being in a guild, but play solo by choice.

Why? Why not I say, it’s just how I play. I’m a loner in many multi-player games, so it’s just a freedom-of-choice thing for me.

My question is: How will my solo guild fair in this new talk of “guild wars”? I want to participant, but will I get destroyed based solely on my choice to play solo? Can I benefit at all from trying to compete?

Please comment, speculate and enlighten as you see fit.


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@sirrian has said that guilds need to elect to register. This is to keep only “active” and “interested” guilds in participating in the “Pre-planned” battles. What I would hope this means is that the devs will do their best to pit Guilds of similar power (which I assume will be based on Guardian Levels and Number of Members) against one another.

SO, all of that to say, as long as other 1 man guilds are clicking to compete, you should be fighting a fair opponent. If no other 1 man guild clicks, you might find yourself against a 2-5ish member guild.

If done well, you should be able to accomplish… something positive from participating in Guild Wars, but not at a rate comparable to a guild of 30, but you seem comfortable with that choice as you stated in your OP. :wink:

I hope that gives you some hope for Guild Wars! :grin:

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Nobody but the Devs really know the answer to your question at this time but keep in mind there are plenty of guilds out there with no requirements and no real social engagement that would be more rewarding to join than going solo. Guilds really aren’t designed to be used for solo activities so you’re missing out on 99% of what a guild can offer by electing that route. Don’t get me wrong, play however you want but I think there’s a better way. :slight_smile:


I played for a year in my own guild of 3 people. I was around lvl 100 before I decided to join a more active guild. It was really impressive the amount of extra rewards I received compared to practically playing alone. Several hundred gems and keys easily every week from guild donations.

One of the best things you can do is join a full active guild. A lot of the guilds above rank 50 do not have requirements so long as you play regularly and claim your seals. Therefore you can keep playing at your own pace and reaping the rewards of having other active players. I rarely ever look at the guild chat because it doesn’t even load up on the Xbox most of the time.